Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Somali Rapefugees in London: It's too Dangerous for Our Children; We're Sending Them Home!

By R.C.
Wed, May 29, 2019 10:43 p.m.

Hundreds of Somali teenagers are being sent back to East Africa by their parents in order to avoid becoming victims of London's spiraling knife crime epidemic. One mother told the BBC how her son was stabbed four times in just 17 days in London.

[N.S.: Stabbed by whom? Not by Englishmen.]

Prison » "Somali Parents Sending Their Kids Back to Africa to Escape London Knife Crime Epidemic"

"He was safer there" Paul Joseph Watson May 29, 2019. Hundreds of Somali teenagers are being sent back to East Africa by their parents in order to avoid becoming victims of London's spiraling knife crime epidemic.

R.C.: What's the difference between Iceland and Somalia?

Well, other than inbreeding?

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With a small, mostly homogenous population of 340,000 and a high degree of economic equality, Iceland is one of the world's safest nations. It is the only Nato member without a standing army ...

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I hope you don't mind if I resend this comment I sent before re the Somali's sending their kids back to Africa due to the epidemic of violence in Britain. The article I sent had some interesting dialogue that is revealing:

You know things are bad in a Western city when African migrants are sending their kids back to their home country in East Africa to be "safe":
U.K. Somali migrant are so terrified of knife violence claiming the lives of their children so they have decided it's safer to send them back to the land of terrorism, rape and social disorder...Oh wait...Is that London now?

Somali "Dr." claims it's a "British problem", quote from the article:

This is not something they’ve encountered before,” Dr. Fatumo Abdi – a mother of Somali origin – told the BBC. “But we know living here in Britain, the context is Britain. This is a British problem and it’s a problem that we’ve fallen into. It’s not the answer but there are desperate parents.

No, Ms. Abdi, Britain was relatively crime free before the influx of Muslim & African migrants, like all over the world it's a problem your people bring to white societies.

Note the use of the pronoun "they" and then this part: "This is a British problem and it’s a problem that we’ve fallen into.". Gives you an insight in how these people think. They aren't British, they are "African" (and black, not white) and the British have forced them into this extreme violence. No, Ms. Abdi, you wanted to come to the West and forced your presence on a white country, you brought the violence with you and now refuse to assimilate and even say you're "British".

The writer of the article, in typical liberal fashion, blithely calls her a "mother of Somali origin", suggesting she is no longer Somali and now "British", despite her obvious repudiation of actually being British.

Anonymous said...

Someone is after that guy who was stabbed four times. Drug gang versus drug gang struggle.

That Nigerian too found himself in nigger paradise. Lots of young beautiful whitey girls around for him to give some lessons in multiculturalism to.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx

One thing you can bet about Iceland is that any immigrants are purely the result of government,corporate or some open borders financed operation. Maybe there could be an occasional stowaway aboard a boat or plane but no way mass numbers of 3rd worlders are crossing those waters without serious financial assistance. The population of Iceland is 338,349 in 2017 and mass migration could have a major impact on demographics. Check out this article:

Here is an excerpt giving a little insight on how migration has impacted this small country:

From 2003 to 2007, some 10,300 men immigrated, more than twice the 4,400 women. Further, following the banking collapse, from 2008 to 2012, 6,700 males emigrated but only 900 females. As the Icelandic economy expands, this trend is repeating itself: In 2016, 60 percent of immigrants to the island were men.

In 1996, 95 percent of Iceland’s population had either no foreign background or had been born aboard with Icelandic parents (see Figure 2). Thus, two decades ago Iceland was still a quite homogenous society.

Ten years later, those with an Icelandic background had declined to 90 percent and the immigrant share had increased to 5.6 percent. Most recently, in 2017, those with an Icelandic background had declined to 83 percent of the total population. The foreign-born share is now nearly 11 percent, and in total, some 17 percent of the Icelandic population has an immigrant background.

And I guarantee you that most of the females that do migrate to Iceland are not under the age of 30. Most will be older women with kids or husbands. Most of the men will be single men under the age of 30. Think of how that affects the gender ratios in the young 20 something year old demographic. Iceland as a whole has about a 4th the population of the city I live in and I notice the impact of an influx of foreign men but very few young women.

There is a graph in the article that shows a breakdown of where migrants come from. They come from a variety of places, even Western countries but it occurs to me that many migrants from "Western countries" might be boat migrants or other illegals getting routed to Iceland from Western countries. Sounds like the kind of underhanded evil the open borders zealots would practice.