Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Donald Trump and Crime

By Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

He wants the newly allowed,Florida felon vote.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
You know things are bad in a Western city when African migrants are sending their kids back to their home country in East Africa to be "safe": https://www.foxnews.com/world/british-teenagers-sent-to-east-africa-to-avoid-rising-uk-knife-crime-reports
U.K. Somali migrant are so terrified of knife violence claiming the lives of their children so they have decided it's safer to send them back to the land of terrorism, rape and social disorder...Oh wait...Is that London now?

Somali "Dr." claims it's a "British problem", quote from the article:

This is not something they’ve encountered before,” Dr. Fatumo Abdi – a mother of Somali origin – told the BBC. “But we know living here in Britain, the context is Britain. This is a British problem and it’s a problem that we’ve fallen into. It’s not the answer but there are desperate parents.

No, Ms. Abdi, Britain was relatively crime free before the influx of Muslim & African migrants, like all over the world it's a problem your people bring to white societies.

Note the use of the pronoun "they" and then this part: "This is a British problem and it’s a problem that we’ve fallen into.". Gives you an insight in how these people think. They aren't British, they are "African" (and black, not white) and the British have forced them into this extreme violence. No, Ms. Abdi, you wanted to come to the West and forced your presence on a white country, you brought the violence with you and now refuse to assimilate and even say you're "British".

The writer of the article, in typical liberal fashion, blithely calls her a "mother of Somali origin", suggesting she is no longer Somali and now "British", despite her obvious repudiation of actually being British.