Sunday, May 26, 2019

The True Face of Family Separation

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

How many more families?The prospect is unlimited,the opportunities wide and far,for Mex,black and Muslim to choose on a daily basis,a white,an older white couple,a group of whites,both old and young--but many times old and vulnerable--and commit the most heinous crimes against them--home invasion,robbery,rape,murder are just a few them,usually reserved for war by the victors over the defeated.It IS war,isn't it?
Dumbass Beto O'Rourke,on "Face the Nation",blubbered about "Mexican families being separated for no reason.If they are not criminals,release them."
"These families are trying to escape the horrible countries they live in..."
(my finish) come here and make THIS country as horrible as THEIRS WAS(my filling in the rest of his sentence).
A country is only as good as its people.Ours was great because of the whites that made it great.Diluting it with foreigners from the south destroys everything we created.I'm for,close to zero immigration,and finding ways to increase the white population with tax cuts/credits/free money to help raise families.Ending abortion for whites as well.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This is a death penalty case. And the fact that he returned to the woman's home to eat a meal also shows a cold-blooded mentality depraved. This was not just some illegal gone berserk.