Friday, May 31, 2019

Headless Corpse in Topless City

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Fri, May 31, 2019 1:36 p.m.

Woman Missing Head in Baltimore at DuckDuckGo


Anonymous said...

GRA:They finally posted a pic of 42 year old murder vic,Brent King--who turns out to be a white guy--in the wrong place(near a nig with a gun)at the wrong time (always).

A mug shot of Randale Benjamin.

(FOX17NEWS)BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Police have arrested a man who was wanted for his alleged role in a fatal shooting in Battle Creek.

Randale Benjamin, 33, was arrested Friday after police found him in a home on Weeks Avenue in Battle Creek. Police said Benjamin tried to run away when officers arrived at the home but was arrested shortly after.

He is facing open murder and weapons charges for his alleged role in the death of 42-year-old Brent King, who was shot on Memorial Day near the intersection of Capital and Poplar avenues.

Investigators said King got into an argument with a woman,who was walking her dog, and then a man arrived and immediately started shooting.

Police were also searching for Brittany Nash and found her Thursday. She isn’t being charged with a crime at this point in the investigation.
GRA:I'll post another story on this war crime.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

(FOX17NEWS)BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Tony Lepird said he can’t remember a time when he didn’t see a smile on Brent King’s face.

Everybody loved him at B.C. Burger on Capital Avenue where he worked. He was the type of guy who’d always help people out.

“Everybody who knows Brent knows he’s big teddy bear,” Lepird said during an interview at the popular burger restaurant. “Working here was one of his faults probably because people would come in here with no money and he’d be like 'I got you, just get me next time.’”

Sadly there won’t be a next time, Lepird said. King was shot and killed early in the morning on Memorial Day. He got a phone call around 5 a.m. from King's mom saying that he’d been shot multiple times.

“We’re all trying to stay close right now and be there for each other,” said Lepird, who’s been best friends with King for more than 30 years.

Battle Creek police said that King was walking to the scene of a shooting that morning when he got into an argument with a woman who was walking her dog. Then, a man arrived and immediately opened fire.

“I got a whole bunch of people that send me the clippings I guess from what happened but I don’t really read it or look at all that. It just makes me sad,” Lepird said. “So I kind of just been focusing on trying to get the funeral arrangement for him.”

Lepird said since King's death, the family has been struggling to pay for his funeral expenses.

Lepird admitted he thought it would be a couple of thousands of dollars. However, the bill is closer to $9,000.

So coworkers put out a tip jar at the restaurant for donations and any customer who contributes $10 or more are given a free combo meal.

Slowly, the jar has been filling up.

“People are really stepping up,” he said. “There’s been people who have stepped up and just have been touched by such tragedies and gave something just to be supportive.”
GRA:It looks like a "shoot the white man first,ask questions later",kind of murder.Hate crime?Possible,depending on circumstances of the murder.Would the black thug had shot King if he was a black guy?Of course,a hate crime charge wont be
considered,will it?
Our local TV station,WOOD refuses to show the victims picture.
--GR Anonymous