Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Video by CNN's Ashleigh Banfield on the Lynching in Cincinnati of Jamie Urton


War crime victim Jamie Urton

Confessed war criminal Jamall aka Jamal Killings’ Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections mug shot, presumably from April 29, 2016, the day he began his sentence for two felony convictions

By David in TN
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 9:20:00 A.M. EDT

Ashleigh Banfield just put the segment on her Facebook page a few minutes ago. You can see it there.

I recall she was a host when In Session replayed the first Knoxville Horror trial (Letalvis Cobbins). Ashleigh was visibly angered by the torture-murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

N.S.: Cincinnati Enquirer ( reporter Sarah Brookbank declined to say whether the voice on the 911 audiotape is that of Jamall Killings, but it clearly is. Killings has a very distinctive voice, and anyone who heard his interview with WCPO reporter Rose-Ann Aragon on March 25, can see that both voices belong to the same man.

The Ashleigh Banfield Video


The 911 Call


Note that Jamall Killings is completely unaware of the dispatcher’s presence on someone’s cellphone.

March 25th WCPO Interview



WEJB/NSU’s Jamie Urton File:

“A Lynching in Cincinnati: Jamie Urton, 44, Murdered for Driving While White; AP and KSN Misrepresent Lynching as ‘Fight’; Did Emmitt Till Die in a ‘Fight’?”;

“Cincinnati: More on the Lynching of White Motorist Jamie Urton by a Racist, Black Mob”;

“Did the Same Black Father Whose Negligence Almost Cost His Child His Life Also Murder Innocent, White Motorist, Jamie Urton? (A Lynching in Cincinnati)”;

“Manhunt Continues in Racist, Cincinnati Lynching of Jamie Urton”;

“Jamall (aka Jamal) Killings, Who Bragged to His Son of Lynching White Motorist Jamie Urton, is a Convicted Felon, Who Had Just Gotten Out of Prison, and is Still on Parole!”;

“Update on a Lynching in Cincinnati: 11 Days After the Execution-Style Murder of Innocent, White Driver Jamie Urton, Why are Suspects Jamall (aka Jamal) Killings and Deonte Baber (aka Barber) Still at Large? [Killings Just Turned Himself in, at His Own Leisure!]”; and

“One MSM Figure Finally Discovered the Lynching in Cincinnati (Jamie Urton).”


Anonymous said...

Here's what irritates Lesta Holt.Not Jamie Urton being gunned down by black thugs.No,it's the new Pepsi commercial that Holt remarked about,and then sent off to an NBC reporter who asserted,"the ad trivialized black lives matters",by showing a model (Kendall Jenner)frolicking amongst protesters and giving a Pepsi to a cop.
The reporter asserted that,because he interviewed a BLM rep who SAID that,and NBC gives little doubt of its point of view with any of their "reporting".They interview people who agree with their POV.
To even interview BLM at all,and then worry that the perception of BLM is harmed by this piece of fluff commercial,shows where the priorities of Lesta and NBC are.BLM-matters,White Lives Ended by blacks-doesn't.
And the beat goes on.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

There was a minor in the vehicle with Mr. Urton and that minor [the child of the victim?] was also attacked? That makes the crime even that much worse. This is perhaps a death penalty case.