Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Update on a Lynching in Cincinnati: 11 Days After the Execution-Style Murder of Innocent, White Driver Jamie Urton, Why are Suspects Jamall (aka Jamal) Killings and Deonte Baber (aka Barber) Still at Large? [Killings Just Turned Himself in, at His Own Leisure!]

[Press time update: Jamall Killings reportedly has turned himself in to Cincinnati police. However, this development underscores my point below: Due to the support of black supremacist Cincinnatians and the racist national MSM, and the indifference or support of the Cincinnati PD, Killings was able to hang out for 11 days, after being recorded confessing to his son that he had murdered innocent, white driver, Jamie Urton, and could have hung out indefinitely.]

By Nicholas Stix

There are three reasons why Jamall Killings and Deonte Baber (aka Barber) are still in flight.

The “Community”

Thirty or 40 years ago, the late, great political scientist James Q. Wilson, long America’s greatest crime thinker, wrote that it’s ridiculous to even speak of a social aggregation as dysfunctional as blacks as a “community.” And yet, blacks are obsessed with the idea that they all comprise a “community.”

In one regard, blacks do show an amazing degree of solidarity—in supporting, and aiding and abetting evil.

If blacks had any sense of decency, countless members of the “community” would have turned Jamall (aka Jamal) Killings in on March 24.

But that’s the norm for them.

Back in 2008, some racist black females assaulted James Paroline, a white man who was taking care of a traffic circle garden, in a bad (diverse) part of Seattle. They lied, and said that Paroline had assaulted them. One of them then called her sister’s black boyfriend, Keith David Brown, 28, on her cell phone, to come harm Paroline on their behalf. Brown, a career criminal, sucker-punched Paroline, who went down, hit his head on the pavement, fractured his skull in several places, and died.

Brown’s convicted bank robber mother, called him the “sweetest” of her three sons, and said he would have only attacked Paroline to protect the women.

The killer was able to go about his business at leisure for a week, and was never captured by the disgraceful, Seattle PD. Instead, a racist riot preacher arranged his surrender.

The racist females who organized Paroline’s murder were never charged.

The black “community” never comes together for anything good, but when evil is on the table, it can’t be beat!

The National Media

With one exception, the national MSM have refused to report on this crime.

That exception was David Lohr of The Huffington Post, a competent crime reporter. (However, I still scooped Lohr by eight-and-a-half hours.)

The national MSM’s m.o. is so obvious, a child could figure it out: When a white murders a black, they play up the crime for…ever. When blacks slaughter a white, suppress the crime. Should they fail to suppress the crime, lie about its racist character, and vilify any whites who care about the victim.

Thus did the MSM lie about, and for years promote the Matthew Shepard killing, the murder of James Byrd Jr., and still twist themselves into knots about St. Emmett Till, though they periodically embellish even further on their racial fairy tale. (The current version is that Till’s victim, Mrs. Carolyn Bryant privately completely recanted her testimony to anti-white activist Timothy Tyson. And if you believe that, I have a great deal for you on a slightly used bridge.)

The nationally MSM have refused to report on the Knoxville Horror rape-torture-murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, except to racially vilify Channon Christian’s father, and those outside of the victims’ families who cared about them, including this reporter, as “white supremacists.” (An unnamed CNN staffer went so far as to plagiarize my work on the case.)

There are countless such stories of the MSM either refusing to report on racist, black-on-white atrocities, or misrepresenting them, complaining about those who do report on them, and vilifying whites, while relentlessly “reporting” on black-on-white crimes. The motivation is very simple: The MSM are loyal to racist, black cut-throats, and hate whites.

Law Enforcement

There is increasingly a parallel between law enforcement and the MSM. Police just don’t care that much, if at all, about the white victims of black racists.

The Seattle PD has the blood of Kristopher Kime, 20, on its hands. Or rather, its white chief at the time, Chief Gil Kerlikowske, does. Kerlikowske responded to reports that racist black thugs were robbing and brutally beating white Mardi Gras revelers with impunity by having cops assembled nearby stand down. Chief Gil Kerlikowske didn’t want to get the racist black thugs mad. So, they murdered Kris Kime. Kris Kime and James Paroline were both murdered on Kerlikowske’s watch. Kerlikowske’s won men condemned him for Kime’s murder.

And Kerlikowske showed no passion about bringing in James Paroline’s racist, black murderer. Had he cared, he would have left no stone unturned, and publicly condemned racist blacks who shielded Brown.

Cincinnati’s current black police chief, Eliot Isaac, has shown no interest in bringing in Jamall (aka Jamal) Killings and Deonte Baber (aka Barber) for the racist lynching of Jamie Urton. If Chief Isaac cared, he’d be bringing down heat on law-abiding and criminal black leaders alike. If he’s done anything, it’s a well-kept secret.


Anonymous said...

That column should be in tomorrow's USA Today for everyone to see,from coast to coast on a widescale basis.Do you ever try to provide your writing to newspapers like USA Today?Just wondering.
I'm sure Mr Stix,you have enough material to write an encyclopedia of racist crimes against whites from A to Z...but a book would suffice--if publicized.It would be explosive and world changing,provided people knew about it.
The MSM is complicit with Democrats in the fight for what America will be and look like.Just like their on air employees are rapidly becoming majority black and Mexican,so do they push for pro minority agendas...sanctuary cities,globalism,open borders and minimal prison time.
And what of the white people?
More and more Jamie Urtons,more and more frequently.
As I said elsewhere,damn the media for their silence,for their silence condones and allows the next racist murder that Jamall Killings clones will commit.
--GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

Ashleigh Banfield had the case on her HLN show tonight. She's the only MSM figure to mention it, a reasonably good segment. We learn the location is a "cut-through" street according to a Cincinnati reporter. Ashleigh asked if this kind was a dangerous place and the reporter said a lawyer had been shot "cutting through after a New Year's Eve party."

Ashleigh remarked the suspect "had an unfortunate name" and predicted the defense will have the suspects pointed the finger at each other. And they would spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Nicholas said...


Thank you for your kind words. I'll have to take a shot at it, but publicity and distribution ain't gonna happen. For some reason, the same people who obsess over black-on-white crime would rather that no book was written on the subject, than that it would be written by me.

Nicholas said...

Thanks, David.

David In TN said...

Ashleigh Banfield just put the segment on her Facebook page a few minutes ago. You can see it there.

I recall she was a host when In Session replayed the first Knoxville Horror trial (Cobbins). Ashleigh was visibly angered by the torture-murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

Anonymous said...

The "community" has no snitch policy. And adhered to religiously so too.

That woman who saw Mr. Urton murdered needs to go into witness protection ASAP or she will not be around long.