Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Murderer-Choker Aaron Hernandez Chokes Again, Hanging Himself in His Prison Cell, Five Days After being Acquitted for Two More Murders, and on the Same Day that the Patriots were to Visit the White House

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to my friend and partner and crime, David in TN, for the heads-up.

Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell this morning. He’d reportedly hanged himself from his cell window with a bedsheet.

Liberals are saddened by this. They feel for the killer’s little daughter, and for his family. Hardly anyone has been saddened for Hernandez’ victims and their families. I guess they’re jock-sniffers and racial socialists.

Liberals assert that no one may rejoice at Hernandez’ death. Of course, one can. Indeed, joy is the only proper emotion.

Note that the only way Hernandez’ victims’ survivors would get a measure of justice was from Hernandez himself, rather than the feckless state of Massachusetts.

Liberals are also asserting that being forced to spend one’s entire life in prison, at taxpayers’ expense, is the only proper punishment for a killer like Hernandez. Don’t be ridic.

“Liberals” (socialists, communists, whatever) say silly things like that, because: 1. They want to suck as much money as possible out of the white taxpayers’ pockets; and 2. They want to thwart justice at every turn.

Cut-throats of all races do not suffer from being confined in prison. The only justice for murder is execution. A life for a life.

People who are grieving for Hernandez and his family are evil. They are not grieving for his victims and their loved ones. One of his supporters even called a commenter “rude” for mocking her support for Hernandez, while she ignored his victims.

As for what motivated Hernandez:

Guilt? Forget it. That word was not in his vocabulary.

Hating confinement? That would make Hernandez one of the few psychopaths bothered by prison life.

A desire to steal the Patriots’ thunder, on the day they were to visit the President at the White House, to celebrate their most recent Super Bowl victory? That’s much more likely.

At ABC News.


Anonymous said...

He killed himself for the same reason Stephens killed himself in Pennsylvania--to avoid paying for their crime.Death is meaningless to socio/psychopaths.Life is meaningless...theirs AND other peoples.That's why they do what they do.No moral code.
True,some spaths are just as comfortable in prison as outside,but others are less so.For those types that hate to be controlled,it's an easy step to suicide.

--GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

Yes, I think the motive was to detract from the Patriots visit to the White House.

Elliot Foley said...

Aaron Hernandez seemed right at home in prison. It only took him a couple weeks to be accepted into a jail house gang, and he really seemed to be turning his life around....[sarcasm]

David In TN said...

Hernandez's family, friends, and lawyers claim "He was murdered" and "demand an investigation."

Our friend Countenance has an entry on the subject.