Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Confessed Cleveland Serial Killer Steve Stephens Has Committed Suicide

By Nicholas Stix

Stephens supposedly blamed a woman for his act, in murdering Robert Godwin, 74, but Cleveland PD Chief Calvin Williams said, “There’s no rhyme or reason” to what Stephens did.

I was disturbed, however, that Chief Williams, who is also black, kept referring to the killer as “Steve,” as if Stephens were an old friend or family member.

A witness saw Stephens’ white Fusion parked at a McDonald’s in Erie, PA, and called it in. When police approached, Stephens fled. A chase ensued. When police cornered and bumped and/or blocked Stephens, he shot himself dead.

At least, Stephens saved taxpayers millions of dollars.

Police insist that Stephens had only murdered Robert Godwin. We’ll see. Or maybe we won’t. The MSM will be happy to take the cops’ story, and bury the whole matter.


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Anonymous said...

The man did us all a big favor. Thank you sir.