Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Book: America is Increasingly a Third World Nation



By A Texas Reader

In his new book, “The Vanishing Middle Class," Peter Temin, professor emeritus of economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, warns that the US is moving backward and becoming more like a developing nation, as the “the vanishing middle class has ...

US regressing into a developing nation for most people, MIT professor warns

Growing income inequality is turning the US into a dual economy, with one economy for the rich and another for the poor, according to an MIT professor, who warns that the middle class is vanishing.

ATR: Anecdotal evidence tells me that the MIT professor is correct.

Billboards dot the route I take on my daily commute to the upper-middle income suburb of Coppell.

Two of the billboards talk about hunger in America. Apparently, 1 out of 6 children go to bed hungry every day, according to the one billboard. The other board asks for donations to the North Texas Food Bank, an organization that was all but unknown five years ago.

And I see more and more homeless in North Dallas, a middle-income to upper-income area of Dallas.


Anonymous said...

"the US is moving backward and becoming more like a developing nation, as the “the vanishing middle class has ..."

Without question and has been going on for some time now!! And a slide that is probably inexorably DOWNWARD.

Anonymous said...

Never will forget the BBC man commenting on the floods in New Orleans after Katrina. Said it looked like Africa. Well Mr. BBC man, large portions of America do look like Africa. NOW Mexico too.

Anonymous said...

I'd almost call the US a FOURTH world country.Third world countries have a large percentage of their population that are similar in race.To differentiate between our plight and theirs and the cause of it,is important to distinguish.
Our demise from capitalistic leader to a barely recognized economic system of socialism,corruption(crime) and stagnation,has been a slow transformation brought about by black--and then Mexican population growth.We are then,the worst of all worlds--neither capitalist,communist OR Third World.We are Fourth world--a newly invented hell by the same people that wants globalism and open borders--and a neutralized America.What better way to bring a country down,than from within.
Trump gave us hope for about a month that he would stick his neck out for a greater goal,but the swamp got him.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Looking back,I don't think Trump was prepared to win.If he had been,he would have spent time organizing a Cabinet that WOULD drain the swamp.Banyon types should have dominated,not Goldman Sachs types.Very unfortunate for us,though probably better than HRC would have been.

Anonymous said...

How do you go from a "developed" nation into a "developing" one? Probably as much of a mystery as the motive behind the latest muslim attack.

Truth-hammer said...

The reason north Dallas look like the third-world is, because Dallas took in 100,000 Katrina sh*t-ape refugees. They were settled-in and decimated north Dallas. No scientific research/study/book necessary to conclude that.

Truth-hammer said...

Funny, how all of these "studies and research" are conducted by and concluded by jews like this jew professor. Their conclusions never seem to mention the jew treachery, amorality, venality, and grasping greed that made our down-fall possible. Stagflation, bubbles, job/plant out-sourcing, QE, monetization of everything that moves, fiscal/monetary corruption, wars for Israel, leaving the gold standard, trillion dollar deficits and debt to fund the welfare state (civic and corporate), financial chicanery, rent-seeking, corrupting our political process, etc. None of these things are ever brought to light in light of the jew and the part the jew plays in all of it. This professor concludes that these things just evolved, because evil YT lost his mojo. Funny that.

Nicholas said...


“Funny, how all of these ‘studies and research’ are conducted by and concluded by jews like this jew professor.”

I’ve got news for you, truth-hammer. If you want the best minds working on “studies and research,” then you want Jews. Why? Glad you asked. Because Ashkenazi Jews are the gold medalists in the IQ Olympics.

In every school of thought and discipline, save for Nazism, Jews are among the leaders, if not the leaders. Physics. Economics. Libertarianism. Marxism. Hell, even the top Nazi thinker had a Jewish name: Rosenberg!

As for your ranting and raving about the “jew,” I’m afraid that you need a Jew to re-write your, er, “stuff.” Otherwise, people might conclude that white gentiles are an intellectually inferior demographic.