Friday, April 14, 2017

Mass Shooting in a Moving, Atlanta Subway Train Leaves One Dead, Three Wounded

By A Texas Reader

April 13 (Reuters) - A man opened fire aboard a moving Atlanta metro train on Thursday, killing one man and wounding three other passengers before the suspected gunman was arrested at the next station, a police spokesman said. The gunfire erupted a...

Reuters - Thursday, April 13, 2017



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Aaron Hernandez, ex New England Patriots tight end, has been acquitted of double murder, he was accused of killing two men he thought "disrespected" him in a bar. He is still serving a life sentence for the murder of a man who was dating his fiance's sister. Looks like I have to take him off the serial killer list. Gotta love the way his attorney calls him a "beautiful young man" (is he gay?) who just hung out with the wrong people. Looks like his legal arguments paid off though. Who the hell knows for sure, I'm not there and know nothing about the case really, maybe Hernandez didn't kill those two men, but there seems to be a lot of violence surrounding him and where there's smoke there's fire.

Anonymous said...

The shooter must have seen the Predator on the train as in the movie Predator II and just responded to the threat. Cannot be anything else.