Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The United States of Apologies (“Grand Rapids Diary”)

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 10:56:00 P.M. EDT

Does the press count it as a win on their scorecard, because they made Sean Spicer apologize about an off-the-cuff remark comparing Hitler and Assad? Another day on the calendar, another day of someone having to beg for absolution for absolutely nothing.

We're turning into the USA—the United States of Apologies. The Trump administration is being autopsied and microscoped on every word uttered by every official. I knew what Spicer meant. Anyone with a couple neurons connecting would know he didn't mean Hitler was a great guy because he didn't use the chemicals Assad did.

So he apologizes, anyway.

The Asian passenger we're all familiar with, was belligerent and unreasonable. He agreed to the lottery that would decide on which passengers would leave. After it was all over, the CEO had to apologize for the action that NEEDED to be taken. A grown up man in his 60s should have known better and left the plane. The apology will lead to a lawsuit. The CEO had to ask for mercy to prevent Asian countries from boycotting United Airlines. What's worse? The incident? Or the CEO being pressured to avoid a possible boycott by apologizing.

The thing is—if he hadn't apologized, he would have probably been removed. Ridiculous.

Everyday, I see media, politicians, and various other meddlers trying to get white people to apologize for very minor issues. Yet, these same apologists never ask black felons, violent illegal immigrants, or crooked politicians to apologize for their actions.

For that... THEY should apologize and then go do something constructive—like being VERY quiet for a few years.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 1:39:00 A.M. EDT

This actually was the first of the apologies that p***ed me off today. Our police chief had to ask forgiveness from the blacks for doing his job. Read on:
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — An incident about two weeks ago in which five black teens were detained at gunpoint after officers got a report of a gun continues to reverberate at Grand Rapids City Hall.

Tuesday night, dozens of community members attended the City Commission’s meeting to say that changes need to be made. It was standing room only in the commission chambers, with many wearing stickers that read, “#wouldyoupullagunonme.”

(GRA: I would, because you're probably packing).

The incident that sparked the outrage happened on the evening of March 24, when a group of five black teens, ages 12 through 14, left the Salvation Army Kroc Center on South Division Avenue after playing basketball and headed home.

Around that time, the Grand Rapids Police Department got a call about a fight involving 100 people that allegedly broke out at the Kroc. Responding officers were told that a teen walking with a group was armed with a gun. An officer determined the teens matched the description and ordered them face-down on the ground.

This still taken from Facebook video shows Grand Rapids police hold teen boys at gunpoint. (March 24, 2017)

None of the teens were actually armed.

(GRA: Not today, anyways).

“On March 24, that’s when our whole lives are changed, our boys and the other mothers, too,” Ikeshia Quinn, mother of two of the boys, told commissioners Tuesday. “We’re not asking for much. We just want our boys to get apologized to.”

GRPD Chief David Rahinsky apologized to the teens involved.

“I apologize to the young men and their families,” he said. “A sincere apology, and an explanation that the officers involved were following up on specific information in our ongoing efforts to keep everyone in this community safe.”

The chief said his officers acted professionally.

That was not enough for many who spoke at the meeting and said that every officer involved should offer individual, public apologies to the youths.
GRA: And probably some money to soothe those hurt feelings. It makes me sick to see the police chief have to grovel to the blacks. There was a report of 100 blacks in a fight and a group with a gun. In this town... in that neighborhood (and many others), you don't take ANYTHING for granted. I wish he hadn't apologized, but this is the USA.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 5:32:00 P.M. EDT

Hats off to the GRPD Union who said today that the apology given by Chief David Rahinsky yesterday, “Does not speak for us.”
"We're tired of hearing how poorly we do our jobs. It leads to more disrespect from people we're supposed to serve. We do our jobs professionally. During a city commission meeting Tuesday night, some community members called for a change in police protocol and policy in response to the incident.

But in a joint statement Wednesday, the Grand Rapids Police Officers Association and Grand Rapids Police Command Officers Association said there is no need for a policy change. During Tuesday night’s meeting, some residents said last month’s incident is representative of systemic racism that continues to plague GRPD, but the union said the issues of racism, equality and equity “go beyond the control of police.”

“We are in the unenviable position of having to encounter people in the worst of situations, which gets attention from the public on various levels… We cannot crawl into the hearts of minds of people. If we could, in an effort to make things equal and safe for everyone, we would make every effort to do so. In reality, that’s not our job,” the unions stated.The GRPOA and GRPCOA said all police agencies “have come under intense scrutiny” in recent years in light of possible police brutality recorded nationwide and posted to social media.

“Those videos, which typically only capture the last few minutes of an incident between an individual or individuals and police, have been used to create a cop hating segment of the public. The result has been a constant barrage of complaints and demonstrations that question the professionalism, intent and integrity of our police command staff and our line officers. We say enough,” the unions stated.
GRA: A lawyer for the blacks stated that, "Grand Rapids could easily turn into a Ferguson, Missouri." I agree—that day is coming. But it won't be because of poor behavior by the police—it will be criminal black behavior that causes Grand Rapids' next big riot.
--GR Anonymous

N.S.: “Grand Rapids could easily turn into a Ferguson, Missouri.” That sounds like a criminal threat.

“Ikeshia Quinn, mother of two of the boys, told commissioners Tuesday. ‘We’re not asking for much. We just want our boys to get apologized to.’”

What a liar. She ripped off her m.o. from the reparationistas. She is demanding at least two things:

1. A multi-million-dollar ghetto lottery; and
2. The murder of disarmed white policemen by emboldened, racist, black punks. A License to Kill, a Duty to Die.


MikeyBikey said...

Nick, you might be interested in this on the legal contractual issues re. the United thing.
Otherwise, carry on/full speed ahead.

Anonymous said...

This is the tale of group interest winning out over non-group interest. Here is hoping our people realize what is happening.

Anonymous said...

"An officer determined the teens matched the description and ordered them face-down on the ground."

Merely acting prudent were the police.

Nicholas said...

Anonymous said...

"An officer determined the teens matched the description and ordered them face-down on the ground."

Merely acting prudent were the police.

Monday, April 17, 2017 at 2:05:00 A.M. EDT

Didn’t you know that it’s a hate crime for a white policeman to act prudently, when dealing with blacks? Blacks long ago decided that every interaction a white has with blacks must be a lose-lose proposition for the white, and a win-win for the black(s).