Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Fresno Mass Murder was Yet Another Nation of Islam Atrocity (Kori Ali Muhammad)


Louis Farrakhan

By Nicholas Stix


Mass murderer Kori Ali Muhammad (whatever his real name is) is wont to use phrases such as “lost found Asiatic black nation,” “white devils,” and “grafted white devils,” which are foundational to the murder cult, the Nation of Islam, led for the past 40 years by Min. Louis Farrakhan (1933-; Eugene Louis Wolcott, aka, “Calypso Louie”), and which go back to long-time leader, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Elijah Pool, then Poole), 1897-1975.



Above and below: Two pictures of Elijah Muhammad/Pool/Poole. Above, speaking to his followers. Below, a mugshot of him in an elegant, three-piece suit, likely from circa 1942, when he was arrested for sedition, for publicly supporting our Japanese enemies. Muhammad spent 1942-1946 in federal prison. A poster tried to pawn the mug shot off as a "portrait"!


I have studied the NOI since 2004, and have devoted one of my blogs to it:

The Zebra Project.


Anonymous said...

That sorta language suggests strongly and influence from the Black Muslim so called religion. The estates of the victims need to do a class action law suit against Walcott [Farrakhan] and his minions.

Alex S. said...

There are several offshoot and splinter groups from the original Nation of Islam. Oakland's Your Black Muslim Bakery was one, and after that got shut down a couple of associates founded a new Black Muslim Temple, which in turn got raided for contract fraud. And then there are those who aren't NOI members, but follow some mishmash of NOI beliefs and other racialist "philosophies." Don't think that Fresno guy's haircut was exactly NOI-regulation; he probably either followed one of the splinter groups, or cobbled together his own wacky beliefs from NOI, Moorish Science Temple, and elsewhere.