Monday, April 24, 2017

Brandon Judd, of the National Border Patrol Council, on Our John Kelly Problem (DHS)

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I thank the old buddy who sent this along.

I wish we were talking about the fictional “John Kelly,” as played by David Caruso, on NYPD Blue, who was one of the greatest dramatic characters in TV history, but alas, this John Kelly is all too real.

BRANDON JUDD (President, 18,000-member National Border Patrol Council) on JOHN KELLY, (Secretary, Department of Homeland Security)

Transcript from Breitbart News Daily (audio). At the link below, scroll down to April 18, 2017, Track #6. Begin listening at 5m55s for the exchange below:

JUDD: “President Trump mentioned our endorsement of him in every single major political rally that he had. He mentioned this after he was president at CPAC, our endorsement. So we’re begging him to drain the swamp within the CBP [Customs and Border Protection]. You’re talking about the murkiest swamp in the entire federal government. And it’s just getting murkier as we continue to promote people from the last administration… And that’s what leads me to scratch my head about Secretary [John] Kelly.”

“We’re talking about a very distinguished general… Yet now that he’s the secretary of DHS, all he does is praises Jeh Johnson, the former secretary who we know did not enforce any of the laws, and brought all these problems about, and he continues to praise Jeh Johnson and he continues to promote people that were under the Jeh Johnson regime. And that just doesn’t make any sense. So, yeah, the swamp has to be drained within the CBP.” (7:01)


Anonymous said...

Lots of holdovers from the Jeh administration that must be asauged somehow to prevent sabotage from within?

Nicholas said...

I don’t get it. First of all, if they’re political hires, they can just be fired. Second, there’s no way to assuage people like that. They’re racial socialists. Unless they are fired, they are going to sabotage the Trump administration. Heck, the DHS is presently run by a saboteur named John Kelly, instead of the brilliant patriotic immigration reformer and loyalist, Kris Kobach.