Friday, April 21, 2017

FL GOP State Senator Forced to Resign; His Enemies in State Senate and at the Orlando Sentinel Assert that He’d Engaged in a “Racist, Sexist Diatribe,” but Demand that We Take Their Word for It

By “W”

“Artiles resigns after racist, sexist diatribe” Orlando Sentinel.

4square Contributor

For a while there he probably thought he was a liberal democrat and could get a pass on what he said and did. Guess somebody pointed out that the "R" in front of his title meant he was automatically censured for any claim of impropriety, real, or imagined.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't he learn anything from Donald Trump?You don't resign-you speak your mind and let the voters decide.The Republican politicos,led by the governor Scott and AG Bondi have caved in to the blacks-as everyone is doing lately.It's a completely erroneous strategy called SYA(Save Your Ass).But they're assuming their candidate will lose and needs to be jettisoned because of his language,and that was not a sure thing,just based on our latest presidential election.I wonder what the POTUS thinks of this.