Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Victim Succumbs in San Bernardino—8-Year-Old Jonathan Martinez—but the Media Want You to Know that Black Murderer Cedric Anderson wasn’t Aiming at Martinez, or the Other Child He Shot!


Victim Karen Elaine Smith, 53

By Nicholas Stix

They would never do this, if the killer were white. Just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom with the evil media, you get yet another unpleasant surprise.

Cedric Anderson walked into his estranged wife’s classroom, and immediately started shooting. He shot her dead, wounded two little kids, and then killed himself. The aspect bearing emphasis is not that he didn’t aim to kill any children, it’s that he didn’t give a good-damn if he murdered children, too! If he had been white, the media would have noted that it was evil enough that he murdered his wife, but they would have emphasized his callousness towards the children.

But he wasn’t white, and so the media switched to the white rules.

And the media won’t say the truth, which is that this was yet another case of black violence. They’ll chalk it up as yet another case of “gun violence.”

No picture of Jonathan Martinez was available at press time.


Killer Cedric Anderson, 53


Anonymous said...

I never saw a pic of Cedric(not the Entertainer,but the Murderer)on Negro Nightly News,which you KNOW,if he was white,they'd have plastered on the screen for the entire length of the report.
Instead,Lesta moved off that quickly,to a story on some white guy that the cops are looking for."Very dangerous",he warned.
Around here,they sent 10 cop cars to surround a house in the West side ghetto (Davis and 11th intersection last night)as a woman was reportedly pointing an assault weapon at her guests.A standoff ensued for 5 hours.3 arrests,no pics or names yet.
This could have been a mass murder (by blacks no doubt,but this time was avoided.)

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

A crime committed in a school normally is a very aggravated offense. You get three times the amount of punishment. Of course Cedric you cannot punish but if you could.