Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mass Murdering, Aspirin Rapper May be in for a Big Headache


Justin Pharez Smith

Hey, according to the May National Geographic, rappers can be “geniuses.”

At Countenance.


Anonymous said...

Flash mob robbery on BART the train in San Francisco. All the usual media deceptions are present:

"Teens used as descriptor", code word for black as we all know.

Reporters, as usual, track down a black passenger on the train who gives the usual insincere speech about how "terrible" it is and how "afraid" he was. He wasn't afraid, blacks never are because they know whites are the targets. I'd be curious to know if even one black passenger was robbed, I'm gonna bet none were.

No pictures or descriptions purportedly because the flash mob was virtually all "minors"? Did they flash their student I.D.'s? I'm sure there were lots of under 18's, probably most of them but it's no uncommon for 18 an overs to participate in these flash attacks. I have no doubt some of them were fully adult sized. So how do they really know they were "all" were kids? You can't tell that from grainy train footage and can't count on witness descriptions in a stressful violent situation like that.

So what's the line of when you can show pictures of violent black thugs? If one appears to be a minor in a group of 30 does that mean you can't show the video? If 29 are minors but one is an adult does that mean you can? Let's be clear about this, it's only an issue when it's negroes, if they were white they'd find a rationalization to put it on the front pages.

It states in the video that BART has had a number of these kind of flash robberies but only filed police reports, no warnings were issued to passengers and no steps taken to protect passengers. That's downright evil, we know it's the fear of drawing attention to negro violence that causes the BART officials to keep the lid on this violence. If the perps were white there's be no problem blaming violent whites and putting their faces in the eyes of the public. The band plays on.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Dairy Queen owner has to shut own after "racist rant", apparently he did it but I don't think the media is reporting the whole story. The owner admitted to losing it because he was tired of black people's shit (not verbatum what he said but I know what he's talking about).
Reminds me of my one and only experience working at a convenience store when I was in my early 20's. It was an endless of line of negroes shoplifting, attempting short change scams and just plain brazenly walking out with stuff. The night culminated when a negro came in and robbed me at gunpoint. I closed the place down, called the cops and the manager then locked the door. It was my first and last night as a Plaid Pantry employee, decided the extra money as an extra job wasn't worth the risk. I got tired of their shit too.

Anonymous said...

There's a crackdown on a criminal bunch of blackies in Kalamazoo,that after 7 years,is finally being addressed.
They call it the X-Train(because they use Ecstasy while driving).A parade of cars--at 2am or later--selling drugs,blasting car speakers,causing vandalism--in a mixed neighborhood.Two murders were committed over the years.
Police did a sweep and arrested 20 blacks,for an array of charges--from selling heroin to assault and noise violations.
Whites went on camera to talk how bad it was.The blacks went to church and had some kind of mumbo jumbo session,covered by the media.
They're all getting bolder and less worried about repercussions for their actions.Too stupid,sociopathic...whatever.They also know,unless they do a murder,they'll probably be out of jail for their next welfare check.
The black woman who ran over an Asian store owner and with her kids,ransacked the store over a bottle of booze,was given a 10,000 dollar bond --for two felony charges.Will she get a year in prison?Stay tuned.

--GR Anonymous