Thursday, April 20, 2017

Blacks Routinely Sucker Punch Even Really Big White Guys, and Seek to Lynch Them and Their Families

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

For many years, I assumed that my problems with black “sucker punch bitches,” as I call them, was due to my size.

I’ve been thinking about this matter a lot of late, as I’ve had four different black men either sucker punch me, or attempt to (I blocked the hand of one guy, who was half my age), or clearly want to (I kept my eyes glued on the guy, who was about 60, so he wouldn’t get the drop on me; when he got off, he told me, “You got an ass-whuppin’ comin’ next time”; I believe I responded with, “In your dreams!”) on buses and subways in Queens and Brooklyn, between September 15 and sometime in February, in spite of my spending very little time on public transportation, aside from very brief bus trips taking my son to school in the morning.

I recalled that Karl Zinsmeister, for whom I used to freelance as a book reviewer at The American Enterprise during the late 1990s, and who must be at least 6’4,” had written years ago about his own experiences in D.C. getting sucker-punched by blacks, who also tried more than once to murder his family.

The essay in question used to be archived, and I must have it downloaded somewhere, but the only place I could still find it online was at my (sometime?) colleague Steve Sailer’s blog.

Garance Franke-Ruta Is at It Again
By Steve Sailer • May 31, 2006
• 600 Words

Recently, The American Enterprise, was appointed the President’s domestic policy advisor, replacing that black guy, Claude Allen, whom nobody had ever heard of before he got caught in that really dopey big box retail outlet scam. (Has anybody heard whether Allen is using the my-evil-twin-did-it defense like I advised him to?)

Anyway, Garance Franke-Ruta, the lady with a name drawn from the random syllable generator and with equally random thought processes, is trying to smear Zinsmeister on the liberal American Prospect blog as a racist for having written an article that includes such unacceptable lines as:

“New York City statistics prepared for former mayor Ed Koch show that black offenders are five times likelier to kill whites than the reverse.”

Of course, Franke-Ruta has herself written on The American Prospect much the same thing:

“…black Americans were six times more likely to be murdered than whites in 1999, and seven times more likely to commit homicides.”

More interestingly, commenter Niels Jackson brings up some interesting quotes from Zinsmeister’s article that Franke-Ruta left out:
Nice use of ellipses.

What you left out included this:

"My wife and I met in Africa, where we were both working in a group of Americans, mostly black, who were teaching and building a school. I was thoroughly colorblind when I entered that situation. Then my black American colleagues made it clear—sometimes in harsh terms—that they considered that a big problem. Most contemporary blacks, I learned, do not at all accept the idea that race is unimportant. I left a lot of my color-blindness in that group."

Or this:

"During the near-decade that my family and I lived across the street from an all-black inner-city public housing project, I learned on many occasions that race is relevant. A few times, I or my family almost paid a serious price for imagining otherwise. Once, my wife was pushing my infant son down the sidewalk in a stroller when two teenagers smashed a stolen car into a light pole just yards from where she stood. I was close by in our front yard, and after making sure my wife was all right I ran over to some older black mothers standing in front of a nearby liquor store who had watched the boys walk away. I asked them, begged them, to give me a description of the people who had nearly run over my wife. They coldly turned away. At that point we had lived on their block for about three years.

"Twice in a period of a few years I was cold-cocked (punched in the head without warning) to the accompaniment of racial insults on the streets near my house—once while painting a fence, once while riding a bike. In Southeast Washington, D.C. neighborhoods I was chased on my bicycle with cries of “get the white man” ringing around me. Another time, I was out with my family when I noticed a kid trying to break the exterior mirror off my pick-up truck that was parked on the street. I told him politely but firmly to stop it and within seconds my wife, two small children, and I were ringed by a group of teenagers shouting 'whitey’s acting up.' Bottles and rocks started to fly, and we were in big trouble. Fortunately a passing van screeched to a halt, and a couple of black men leapt out and convinced the kids to disperse."

N.S.: Note that Karl Zinsmeister’s experiences are from the good, old days, before the illegal elections of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” who incited pornographic levels of racist, black-on-white violence.

My experience is that the whites who tend to suffer the least from blacks, while frequently dealing with them are those whom I call (sometimes to their faces) white Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas. Whether it’s in the workplace, the subway, or a café UTs and AJs look for isolated whites and violently racist blacks, and encourage the blacks to assault the whites. Once the violence begins, the white UTs and AJs may physically assault the white victim as accessories, swear out false police reports to get the victim arrested, and shout abuse at the white victim (“You’re the racist!”).

The white UTs and AJs call themselves “allies,” “anti-racists,” “anti-fascists,” etc. but they can more accurately be called the New White Racists, and are an integral part of racial socialism, which combines the worst of Nazism and Communism.

They cannot be dealt with except through violence.


Anonymous said...

Negroes anywhere in the world are just plain violent. And n the U.S. they are consumed with an overwhelming and totally irrational hate of whitey. Take a malicious and perverse pleasure out of attacking and hurting whitey, often doing so in a sadistic manner.

Anonymous said...

Those statistics as offered to Koch probably way OFF the mark. Maybe by a factor of ten or even way beyond that.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
How dare you complain about being physically assaulted by racist blacks when they have to endure all those traumatic "microaggressions" inflicted on them by whitey.

There is a comment by someone named Puglous that just about summed it up:


Thomas O. Meehan said...

And this where Anarco-tryranny comes in. You can no longer rely on working class white cops to enforce either the law or common sense. When Africans attack they sense that they have the state as, if not an accomplice, at least a partial referee. No one wants to make a situation "Racial," especially when it is racial. Cops learn what not to do if they want to get promoted, especially in urban environment.

Washington is the worst offender in my experience. It employs an incompetent africanized police force that resents white citizens.

Whites will have to resort to self protective measures for the foreseeable future under a hostile state. My fear is that this will end in White terrorism which will be used as justification for yet more repression of our rights and interests.