Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Warm Weather Made Them Do It: Bloody Easter Weekend in the City of Brotherly Love, and the Need for More Weather Laws!

By Reader-Researcher AL

“Four people were killed and 16 others hurt in a series of shootings that plagued Philadelphia over the warm Easter holiday weekend.

“Summertime is coming, warm weather today, we get shootings that peak and valley during the warm weather,” Philadelphia police Capt. Jamill Taylor said early Sunday at the scene of a homicide at 62nd Street and Woodland Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia.



“As the liberals scream ‘More gun laws’

N.S.: No—what we need are more weather laws!

Pearls Before Swine

“Did they beat Chicago?”

Ken H: “Yes, despite shooting only 4 of 20 from the field.”

At NBC Philadelphia.

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Anonymous said...

There's way too much news today.
First of all,Lesta Holt led off the NNN with the Bill O'Reilly story,fitting,because he had ramrodded it down the publics collective throats, ever since O'Reilly went on vacation two weeks ago.At the first whisper of a rumor,Holt took this page 7 story and made it headlines every night he could.It became obvious to me(in 2 seconds),that NBC and Holt's huge interest in O'Reilly's activities was purely political and became a nightly witchhunt to drum up public pressure against him.It worked perfectly.
So what we've come down to in broadcasting is one network(NBC) using their airwaves to push their liberal,pro-black agenda while attempting to
sabotage another networks(FOX)conservative employment roster.
FOX's ratings will plummet and NBC will love every minute of being part of the reason for it.But it isn't ethical,in my opinion.Not the way they did it.
I guess when the MSM couldn't get President Trump for similar charges (not for lack of trying),they decided to go after other big names--with Lisa Bloom again organizing the coup de tat,via bringing accusatory women to a microphone and court room.
One more thing.Would anyone possibly believe that Lesta Holt could EVER be investigated and publicly accused in the same way as O'Reilly or Roger Ailes were?Lesta could be "Handy Andy" with every woman he meets and be exempt from disciplinary action because he's black and liberal--ON a liberal network.
There's a war going on out there.
A different war in Grand Rapids,as two more dead bodies (unidentified)found on a street and in a park today.Getting to be normal around here.
--GR Anonymous