Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tiffany Thrasher, Yet Another Victim of Immigration: Law Enforcement Had to Hunt Down Her Neighbor, Illegal Alien Bulmaro Mejia-Maya in Florida, and Extradite Him to Illinois for Home Invasion, Rape, and Murder; Illinois Police Boss Tells Transparent Lie, Calling Murder “Random”


Victim Tiffany Thrasher

By “W”

At CBS Chicago.


Rape-murder suspect Bulmaro Mejia-Maya lived in a neighboring building in the same housing complex, where he used to drink beer with his illegal buddies on a balcony where he had a view straight into Tiffany Thrasher’s apartment. The pretty, white, blonde. Random. Right. Do coppers realize how obvious it is that they're lying, when they call any diversity-on-white murder "random"? The word itself is a tell. It shouts out to the world, "This was a targeted, racially-motivated crime!" Just like when a cop announces, "The motive was not racial."


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Every time I post about America's favorite wigger I swear to myself it will be the last but the swirling cyclone of psychodrama that surrounds this pathological lying fruitcake draws me in every time. One of our local left wing rags, The Portland Mercury, posted a new interview with Ms. Dolezal...or Nakamuchi Armadillo...or whatever her new African name is.
The interviewer is a black woman named ljeoma Oluo who seems to reach an "understanding". Excerpt from article:

"Perhaps it really was that simple. I couldn't escape Rachel Dolezal because I can't escape white supremacy. And it is white supremacy that told an unhappy and outcast white woman that Black identity was hers for the taking. It is white supremacy that told her that any Black people who questioned her were obviously uneducated and unmotivated to rise to her level of wokeness. It is white supremacy that then elevated this display of privilege into the dominating conversation on Black female identity in America. It is white supremacy that decided that it was worth a book deal, national news coverage, and yes—even this interview."

"And with that, the anger that I had toward her began to melt away. Dolezal is simply a white woman who cannot help but center herself in all that she does—including her fight for racial justice. And if racial justice doesn't center her, she will redefine race itself in order to make that happen. She will haunt me no more and simply blend into the rest of white supremacy that I battle every day."

Ah yes, the interviewer discovers a common cause with Ms. Dolez...Armadillo....whatever, it's the evils of WHITE SUPREMACY! However, if you read the article it's clear she never resolves the essential conflict of how a white woman can actually suffer under white supremacy. I have alternate explanations:

Number one is Ms. Dolezal is a victim fetishist, same syndrome that affects American blacks except she is white and the only way she can revel in the ultimate of self pity and rage at her "victimizers" (whites) is to become black herself.

Number two is not spoken of but is an issue that underlies every convo that involves black women on the subject of Dolezal (or her ilk): She is a white woman that only has sex with black men. Black men will almost always prefer a white woman over a black woman, that puts her automatically at odds with black women and makes her public enemy number one, even more so than those evil white supremacists, though no black woman would ever admit it. Ms. Oluo has not reached some kind of detente with Rachel Dolezal, that underlying tension is still there and always will be. She's just good at verbally crafting a big rationalization pretending she doesn't hate white women like Dolezal so nobody accuses her of being an insecure black bitch who blames white women because she can't get a man. This issue is probably the most important. Ms. Dolezal hates white men, and is living a life getting revenge on them by having sex with only black men, she felt unattractive and rejected in her younger years and is now compensating for her resentment by appropriating black culture. It's a big juvenile temper tantrum directed toward white men. Black women sense this and the result is their relationships with her are always going to be prickly, not to mention that while Dolezal may like black men she really doesn't care for the sista's.

I'm sure a trained mental health professional could give a more elaborate and verbose diagnosis but I think it's as simple as that. Who needs Freud anyways?

Anonymous said...

I feel sick when they say he didn't know her and that it was random. This is what happens when scum moves into your neighborhood. Be aware of who is living near you and then learn how to avoid and never engage with them, their friends, relatives and most important, their children or animals. Even engaging in small talk can spark serious problems later on. Best that you don't speak with them at all. Never. Don't be neighborly, don't blab your business, they will be laughing at you behind your back.

People like this are ignorant, uneducated, petty and can be extremely revengeful and vicious. They are capable of blowing up any small incident into a big deal as they lash out with their rage and hatred towards white Americans. I have had to learn how to do this as I didn't know it when I moved into a lower income neighborhood. In my case it was that initially they pretended to be decent neighbors when the truth was that they were low life ghetto bottom feeders who would use their children to case out people's apartments and then set up break in's to rob what ever wasn't nailed down.

Unfortunately, these men live in feral groups and they perceived her as a target - That she was just another stupid, naive, gringa American living by herself with no large family or man for her protection. He was targeting a white woman who lived alone. He didn't go after a Spanish, South American or black woman.

If him and his friends sat on a balcony looking into her apartment everyday, that's stalking. That's a hate crime.

Last, get curtains and blinds and use them. It is never safe to have anyone be able to see directly into your home.
Google safety tips for women. I am so terribly sorry for her family and friends My condolences.