Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bizarre Message: “What are American Jews talking about today? Join the conversation at”

By Nicholas Stix

The message is bizarre, because The Forward does not permit any conversation among Jews, or anyone else.

A month or two ago, Forward Commissar Jane Eisner eliminated the commenting function.

Prior to that, The Forward engaged in ruthless censorship. It’s a terribly written blog, and so between the poor quality and the censorship, the abolition of conversation isn’t much of a loss.

The message came to me in an e-mail promoting a very brief essay, with lots of big pictures, by a Liza Schoenfein, in which she waxed wistful for Passover seders with the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama.” (Granted, I sometimes go the “big pictures, little words” route, too—but I permit a conversation here.)

That’s what passes for Judaism, at The Forward. Because “Obama” is a racial socialist—never mind that he’s a rabid anti-Semite—that made his approach to Passover Judaically significant.

I take that back—to Jane Eisner, being a genocidal anti-Semite is a feature, not a bug—as long as you’re a racial socialist. If, on the other hand, you’re an Alt-Right, genocidal anti-Semite, you’re evil!

At The Forward, all Nazis are not created equal!

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