Monday, April 17, 2017

Sightings of Fugitive, Confessed Serial Killer Steve Stephens


Steve Stephens

An old friend, who is not at all prone to crazy statements, sent me this post:

This is the black guy wanted in Cleveland for 5 murders, maybe more, including one he videoed. I am sure I have seen him at MetroCenter and also selling brews at Nationals games.

Steve Stephens - Google Search.

Possible explanations:

1. Serial killer Steve Stephens got around;
2. There’s at least one other black guy who looks the same as Stephens (who, to me, has a pretty generic look).

This was already a really juicy story, but will anyone devote the time and shoe leather to telling it? Not bloody likely.

By the way, how can a confessed serial killer of 14 people remain at large? Maybe Stephens is hanging out with Deonte Baber, aka Barber, one of the alleged killers of Jamie Urton in the Cincinnati lynching.


Anonymous said...

Sociopathic behavior
#3-Exaggeratation of ones accomplishments(crimes in this case)
A doctor named Robert Hare had a list
of how to identify sociopathic behavior.
#1 is,failing to care that there are consequences for your actions.It's a psychiatric disorder.Blacks are thought to have a much higher rate of sociopathy.At least 50% of black prisoners are thought to be sociopathic.There is no cure or treatment.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Foxnews says Stephens was attempted by police to be pulled over for a traffic stop.He blew his brains out in a car.Facebook that.

countenance said...

TALA Doctrine.