Saturday, April 15, 2017

Convicted Murderer and NFL Choker Aaron Hernandez is Acquitted of Two More Murders; Will He Go Out, O.J.-Style, in Search of the Real Killer?

By Jerry PDX

Aaron Hernandez, ex-New England Patriots tight end, has been acquitted of double murder. He was accused of killing two men he thought “disrespected” him in a bar. He is still serving a life sentence for the murder of a man who was dating his fiance’s sister.

Looks like I have to take him off the serial killer list. Gotta love the way his attorney calls him a "beautiful young man" (is he gay?), who just hung out with the wrong people. Looks like his legal arguments paid off, though. Who the hell knows for sure? I'm not there and know nothing about the case, really. Maybe Hernandez didn't kill those two men, but there seems to be a lot of violence surrounding him, and where there's smoke, there's fire.

At the San Antonio Express-News.


Anonymous said...

Hernandez did it once,I'm sure he did the other murders also.As long as he's off the streets.
Here's a wrap up of a murder that happened last year in Grand Rapids,where a black(Mex?) female murdered her white boyfriend.
GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- A woman who fatally stabbed her boyfriend in August claimed he was abusive during a lengthy court statement that drew consternation from the victim's family.

Soon after her statement, 36-year-old Kawonda Mendez was sentenced Thursday, April 13 to 10 to 45 years in prison for second-degree murder.

Mendez stabbed 40-year-old Scott David Morton after a heated argument in the apartment they shared at Globe Apartments, 315 Commerce Ave. SW.

They had been together for about six months, Mendez said, and she called him her "Irish thug."

"I know you don't believe your brother was abusive, but he was very troubled," Mendez said. "I was naive to think on my own that I could help him with all of his problems."

On March 14, Kawonda Mendez pleaded no contest in the August 2016 stabbing death of Scott Morton.

Donetta Schieffer, one of three sisters of Morton, said she doesn't believe her brother was violent.

"There are no words to express the loss my two sisters and I feel," Schieffer said. "There are no excuses for what you did."
GRA:Also last night,a stabbing in the 3300 block of 28th street SW,as a man was found dead on the street.The person of interest turned himself in.That's a Mexican area mostly.Funny,I never describe any part of Grand Rapids where a murder occurs as a WHITE AREA.
---GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

Hernandez just hanged himself in his cell. This was a few days after being acquitted of the Boston double murder. He was still serving life until parole for the Odin Loyd killing.