Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fly the Friendly Skies of United!

[Almost completely ripped off from the Countenance Blogmeister.]


By countenance (20:12:06):
Trump should have waited a few days, he wouldn’t have needed Tomahawks.


N.S. Here’s the solution to United’s misery, though I don’t know why I’m offering this, having endured my own dose of harassment from a sadistic female employee of theirs several years ago, when boarding a connecting flight at Miami International Airport. She looked just like actress Angie Harmon.

United PR need merely “place” a series of videos of their rivals’ staffers behaving badly towards customers in major media outlets, and the “Oh, isn’t United awful?” story will quickly blur into a generic, “Oh, aren’t the airlines all awful?” story.

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The man dragged off the plane was a doctor named David Dao. However, there are some shady details in his past. Illegal drug dealing, sexual misconduct and just plain incompetence. I wonder if he wasn't an affirmative action doctor. They are usually black and not Asian but there are exceptions here and there.
However, his past really isn't relevant in this case. Airlines that overbook shouldn't be randomly picking people off the flight and kicking them off. This is arrogant beyond belief. I know in the past airlines have offered incentives for people to voluntarily give up their seats, a packed airline will always have people willing to give up a seat for some future benefit. The fact that UA did not do that indicates it's a company that does not value it's customer base and is just plain cheap and shortsighted. Not good for business and a sign there are some incompetents in the executive ranks.

Also, "Dr." Dao is still in the hospital claiming spine injuries, I'm doubtful it's true considering his past but in this particular case, I hope he gets a big settlement and United Airlines gets hammered with bad publicity.