Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lester Holt and NBC News Successfully Sabotaged Bill O’Reilly and Fox News

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 7:39:00 P.M. EDT

There's way too much news today.

First of all, Lesta Holt led off the NNN with the Bill O'Reilly story, fitting, because he had ramrodded it down the public’s collective throat, ever since O'Reilly went on vacation two weeks ago. At the first whisper of a rumor, Holt took this page 7 story and made it headlines every night he could. It became obvious to me (in 2 seconds), that NBC and Holt's huge interest in O'Reilly's activities was purely political and became a nightly witch hunt to drum up public pressure against him. It worked perfectly.

So what we've come down to in broadcasting is one network (NBC) using their airwaves to push their liberal, pro-black agenda while attempting to
sabotage another network’s (FOX) conservative employment roster.

FOX's ratings will plummet, and NBC will love every minute of being part of the reason for it. But it isn't ethical, in my opinion. Not the way they did it.

I guess when the MSM couldn't get President Trump for similar charges (not for lack of trying), they decided to go after other big names—with Lisa Bloom again organizing the coup d'etat, via bringing accusatory women to a microphone and court room.

One more thing. Does anyone possibly believe that Lesta Holt could EVER be investigated and publicly accused in the same way as O'Reilly or Roger Ailes were? Lesta could be "Handy Andy" with every woman he meets and be exempt from disciplinary action, because he's black and liberal—ON a liberal network.

There's a war going on out there.

A different war in Grand Rapids, as two more dead bodies (unidentified) found on a street and in a park today. Getting to be normal around here.


Anonymous said...

It used to be Benton Harbor was the main transshipment point for the distribution for all of Michigan. I wonder if that has shifted to Grand Rapids now?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I can't recall any black liberals being hounded out of their jobs for sexual harassment, there was, of course, Clarence Thomas, but he wasn't liberal and considered an Uncle Tom by many blacks, plus he didn't lose his job. Black men, in general, practice a more aggressive form of sexual harassment than white men do, especially toward white women, but that doesn't fit the liberal narrative so it gets ignored or brushed under the carpet, doesn't help that many white women are reluctant to be outraged when black men sexually harass them. A recent example is Cuba Gooding jr. lifting up Sarah Paulson's skirt onstage. She just laughed it off. If it had been a white man I doubt she would have done that. It was clear that Gooding was saying to the white world: Look what I can do to a white woman in public! There was some hoopla over the incident but it lost steam pretty quickly and there have been no calls to boycott Gooding's movies or blacklist him from Hollywood. Only white men are punished that way.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 1:A shifting,or more accurately,a sharing of illegal activity by blacks in Grand rapids,is very true.Every city that participates in allowing blacks to live in their city limits eventually finds itself drowning in drug crime,filth and violence.It creeps in slowly at first,but then one day you look around and your town is dead.
Last night,4 blocks away from a murder I highlighted a few weeks ago (on Lincoln and Bridge-unsolved,but probable Mexican thugs)a car driving on Pine street,poured 20 bullets into a residence.
WOOD TV sent a reporter to the scene and talked with some poor older white folks,who unfortunately still live in that jungle.
One man said that when he bought his house 20 years ago,he "could sit on the porch and hear crickets.Now,I wouldn't walk from here to there without carrying a gun.Last week I heard 5 bullets."
But you don't hear those reports on the news.The owner of the house that was shot at,did not go on camera,but innocently wondered why anyone would target her house.I'd bet a weeks pay on my suspicions.
Meanwhile one of the dead bodies found on Front street was declared a murder.Another body,found in a city park,has yet to be autopsied for cause of death.
Ultra-liberal mayor Rosalynn Bliss,who continues the previous mayors destructive "pro-diversity" agenda,came out today with a comment on yesterdays study,concerning "blacks being stopped by police at a greater rate than whites."
The study found "certain streets on the West Side of town (my side)have a ratio of 2.5 to 1 of blacks being stopped more than whites."
I salute the police for that.But Bliss said predictably,"I am disappointed in this study.We will use this information to improve ourselves and the way police stop our citizens."
The humorous part of the report detailed certain areas where blacks were NOT stopped as much as whites:Lake Eastbrook street and Sparks.Why?There aren't any blacks that live in that high income part of
But in MY section,yes,blacks get stopped--and I hope it continues at an even greater ratio.It's necessary law enforcement in the New Grand Rapids,Michigan.
--GR Anonymous