Sunday, April 30, 2017

FORT WORTH - An Arrest of a Negro Has been Made in the Murder of a White Woman Found Dead Earlier This Month Near the TCU Campus


War crime victim Molly Matheson

Arrest made in murder of woman near TCU

Fort Worth police say the United States Marshal Task Force has arrested one suspect, but no details are being released in order to help with solving the crime.

Another reader comments:

What happened to this poor girl and the countless other white women murdered by blacks will NEVER happen to my two daughters. One of whom, unfortunately, is blonde. From their earliest years they've been instructed to have NOTHING to do with blacks. They're not even to stop for black cops unless there's lots of people around. It’s the only way to protect your daughters, if they're white.


Mug shot of war crime suspect Reginald Kimbro


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
What details are they talking about? How does "not releasing any details" help with solving the crime? What ever happened to "(to the public) come forward with any information"? With no details how is the public going to be able to do that? Let me guess, cops have their man and know it so they are going into downplay up mode because it's a negro and a white woman, media is playing right along, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Typical black thug on white girl crime.Media won't cover it nationally and will also not connect the dots on crimes like this.These attacks happen on a regular basis,yet no inference of racist behavior against whites BY BLACKS is ever looked into.However,subliminal excuses are suggested here: a)the white girl should know better(which is true) or b)the nig can't help himself(he's driven to kill whitey).
What a tremendous service it would be for a national news outlet to explore the epidemic of black on white violence.Also to blame,TV shows that promote blacks and whites "getting along" or showing black superiority(like "Blackish")or Negro Nightly News,which strives to show blacks as human and approachable and harmless.
So a girl like this,sees all the lies in media and the result is her death.Sympathies to her family and future other victim's families.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

U.S. Marshals involved. This guy must have been up to something else big time bad.

Anonymous said...

NO details suggests a death penalty type case? Rape and murder? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

College and university campus good hunting grounds for the negro feral beast after whitey women. Negroes as a group too are so attracted to the learning environment.

Nicholas said...

U.S. Marshals just means that he was a fugitive that needed to be hunted down.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Following up on my previous comment about Neven Glen Butler, the 18 yr. old negro who beat 86 yr. old Fusako Petrus to death when she tried to help her friend from being raped by Butler. A "high profile" attorney has already taken on his case (those ambulance chasers sure work quick). Her name is Linda Parisi, she's a middle agedish blonde woman who looks like she was probably a pretty hot number back in her youth.
One has to ask why somebody like her is taking on a defendant who almost certainly has no financial resources. Isn't that what they have public defenders? I tried to find some info on cases she's worked on and found this:
Yes, I kid you not, she had already represented Gary Dale Baker, a black man and former police officer who raped a 70 yr. old women repeatedly, despite his job he still couldn't control his deviant need for sexual violence. She lost the case and Mr. Baker was convicted. Only good thing I've read when I started researching this story.
Is this her specialty? Defending black men charged with rape? As a blonde attractive white woman maybe that gave her some cred with a jury, especially considering such a high percentage of their victims were also blond white women. Does she have a "To Kill a Mockingbird" fixation and think she's the female Atticus Finch? Maybe she just has a thing for black men and issues with white men, kind of a smarter Rachel Doleaz and has devoted her life to protecting them, no matter how evil their acts. There are white women like that in this world, sad to say, we see the results of their work all the time. I'm gonna guess the crazy card will be played and this Butler mope is going to be low functioning mentally or semi-retarded". Well, if that's an excuse then we might as well automatically pardon 99% of black America. I'll watch for followups on this story.

Anonymous said...

On this one,I'll vote that she's a sick negro-banger.Criminally twisted negroes MAY apply for free defense IF the defendants brothas pound on her in her office bedroom for a while(during the trial).What convaluted reasoning would motivate her to defend the lowest black garbage on the planet.Atticus Finch syndrome,maybe,more like Attica prison syndrome.Attica--98% black,her kind of defendant.


jstr said...

See something say something unless they're black or Muslim