Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Jamall (aka Jamal) Killings, Who Bragged to His Son of Lynching White Motorist Jamie Urton, is a Convicted Felon, Who Had Just Gotten Out of Prison, and is Still on Parole!


Confessed war criminal Jamall aka Jamal Killings’ Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections mug shot

A more recent shot of Killings, bathing in the glow of media attention, playing the righteous black father. He’s only 24, but could easily pass for 10 years older.

War crime victim Jamie Urton

War crime suspect Deonte Baber

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By Nicholas Stix

While listening to Jamall aka Jamal Killings speak on the 911 recording from the scene of the murder of Jamie Urton, in addition to hearing Killings confess to killing Urton, I heard Killings say what sounded like that he had just been released from prison in January.

I followed that hunch to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections’ Website, and determined that Killings had indeed been released on parole on January 2, 2017. Thus, Killings, who is now a fugitive from justice, is a convict, not an ex-con. You’re not an ex-con until you’ve completed your term in a correctional institution, or completed parole or probation, without violating either.

Number: A725087
DOB: 05/01/1992
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Admission Date: 04/29/2016
Institution: Toledo Correctional Institution
Zip Code: 45237
Residential County: Hamilton

He had been sentenced to one year in jail, and had begun serving his sentence on April 29, but had been released after serving only eight months. Killings had been convicted of two felonies: One count of “Drug Trafficking” (Fourth Degree), and one count of “Sale Counterfeit Drugs” (Fifth Degree).

Two felony convictions, and only eight months in jail? So much for the talk of “our draconian drug laws” forcing righteous black men to spend the best years of their lives in prison.

Killings confessed to murdering Urton with only 36 days to go on his sentence.

However, as I have previously observed, under today’s regime of affirmative action, Jim Snow justice, it’s 99 strikes and you’re out! Black felons repeatedly violate probation or parole all the time, without any punishment… until they murder someone. Thus, we have the murders of people like Samuel Irick and Eve Carson, and so many others, by repeat probation and parole violators.

During said 911 recording, Jamal(l) Killings confessed to his son that he had killed Jamie Urton.
You're OK, and I took care of dude. I killed him. He dead. He dead. The dude that hit you by the car, he dead. I killed him. I'm serious. He's dead.
I just spent at least 90 minutes calling offices within the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (“Mission: Reduce Recidivism Among Those We Touch”), the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Hamilton County Justice Center (county lock-up), and the Hamilton County Clerk of Court Records and, while I can’t say what the law is on releasing criminal records in the State of Ohio, I can say that the ODRC is an agency that sees criminals as clients, and no one in the Ohio criminal justice bureaucracy evinces any interest in releasing criminal histories, save for current convicts. I even had people sending me to Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Records Division, after I’d already been there! (I was able to catch that at the time.)

Apparently, if I had impersonated a staffer at a criminal justice office, I’d have been able to get the information.

One ODRC staffer emphasized that since Killings was at most 23 when he committed the crimes for which he was convicted, he may well have a juvenile record. I’m sure he does!


Anonymous said...

We can't continue to live with the criminally motivated people who are among us,those who are allowed to cause harm and death to hard working,innocent citizens and we shouldn't have to.Trump won the election without black/Mex support--he owes them NOTHING!They stayed home because they weren't motivated to go vote for either white candidate.
So for the Trump administration to allow such horrific crime to run unchecked in our own country is detrimental to our country,our good citizens and its future.
In my mind,there is no difference between an immigrant who comes in illegally and commits a felony or a US (mostly minority)citizen,who commits a felony.They've chosen to live their life in an unproductive way,at the expense of our decent citizens.
What has Jamall Killings ever done in his life to warrant freedom?He hasn't deserved it,based on his criminal history.If he hadn't lynched Mr.Urton last month,he would've committed a similarly heinous crime at some future time.
The reason he had the opportunity to kill a law abiding person was this:
He was where he shouldn't have been--outside prison walls.
He,and all blacks with crime histories like him,have got to be treated by Trump's administration as if they were criminal illegals.Deport them to prison permanently.They are not assets to the country and should be removed from society.New prisons would need building,of course,but if we can build a 4 billion dollar wall,we can also come up with money for prisons as well.
There will be countless more white people
slaughtered by sociopathic blacks (of which there are many),unless they are kept off the streets.
President Trump...what are you waiting for?Make America Great Again--build more prisons and USE THEM!!!
---GR Anonymous

Tired of white lives not being important said...

I agree 100% all blacks think they are entitled to everything,yes I may now be racist but let me tell u this a black man murdered my grandmother, once again cause he was let out of prison early after serving only 7 yrs for stabbing his wife to death within a week my grandmother was dead then a black man killed my 25 ur old husband because he thought he was "entitled" to come in my home and take what he did not earn in a home invasion. So yes im racist now,But once again we hear this "father who spoke out against this man getting killed"raising his black son to walk in the street like they do,and cars are supposed to go around them,and what else could he be teaching him if he felt it was ok to tell him I killed him for u,OMG its getting worse everyday..stop letting them out damn white life's matter to!

Anonymous said...

Killings turned himself in.

Nicholas said...


wolfie said...

Albeit cowardly, you probably wise for coming up that stupid statement in lieu of using your real name since you choose to to spew such garbage. But hear this-you are wise in no other way. Get a grip!!! You cannot chastise an entire population of people for the acts of some. Yes, this is a bad dangerous guy and if your anecdotes about the crimes perpetrated against your family members are true, obviously those too are very bad guys who should not be allowed to walk amongst civilized society. You have my condolences. I'm sure there are policy problems that need to be handled but you must know, there are bad and dangerous people from all different populations of people-yes?. Black people do not corner the market on crime and if u must hate, is it not appropriate to place it upon those who perpetrate these heinous crimes? To pretend that all white people are are banner citizens is naive and disingenuous. You must know that jails and prisons have plenty of white inmates. Yes, prison today are comprised of inmates with varying ethnicities, races, religions. And to address your first statement/lie-I guarantee you, 100% of black folks do not believe they are entitled to everything. Do you truly buy this crap? I have to believe this is a case of you attempting to express your pain as it relates to the crimes against your family, as well as your apparent inexperience and likely refusal to interact with people who do not look like you, your ignorance. I sincerely hope that you can see that your approach on life is unfair and i hope you can get out the house, go back to school, volunteer to help those less fortunate than yourself, travel the world or at least get out of the suburbs or countyside where u live, look, listen, learn. I don't know, do something because youre not taking advantage of life's offerings and youre absolutely missing out the wonderful diversity and people of the world!!!!
Stefani Doherty