Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Cuba Gooding Jr. Affair

[“Lester Holt and NBC News Successfully Sabotaged Bill O’Reilly and Fox News.”]

By Jerry PDX
Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 3:35:00 P.M. EDT

I can't recall any black liberals being hounded out of their jobs for sexual harassment, there was, of course, Clarence Thomas, but he wasn't liberal and considered an Uncle Tom by many blacks, plus he didn't lose his job.

Black men, in general, practice a more aggressive form of sexual harassment than white men do, especially toward white women, but that doesn't fit the liberal narrative, so it gets ignored or brushed under the carpet.

It doesn't help that many white women are reluctant to be outraged when black men sexually harass them. A recent example is Cuba Gooding Jr. lifting up Sarah Paulson's skirt onstage. She just laughed it off.

If it had been a white man, I doubt she would have done that. It was clear that Gooding was saying to the white world: Look what I can do to a white woman in public!

There was some hoopla over the incident but it lost steam pretty quickly, and there have been no calls to boycott Gooding's movies or blacklist him from Hollywood. Only white men are punished that way.

At Opposing Views.

N.S.: Note that Sarah Paulson is an emphatically “out” lesbian. If a normal white man did to her what Cuba Gooding Jr. did, she might well have called the police, and demanded he be arrested for what nowadays passes for “sexual assault.”


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I didn't know Sarah Paulson is a homosexual, I think this relates to my previous message about Rachel Dolezal because a lesbian like Sarah Paulson is usually coming from the same place of resentment toward white men that blacks are. One would think that white lesbians and black men wouldn't have anything in common but they really do: Both have a bitter hatred of white men. I have noticed a lot of lesbians excusing or ignoring predatory sexual behavior of black men while focusing on white men, nothing new there of course, people do that all the time but you'd think lesbians would have a broader perspective. But nope, turns out they have carried their adolescent insecurities into adulthood and are still deeply resentful toward the white boys they felt socially ostracized by. The solution for them is a lifetime of homosexuality and spiting white men whenever possible. Black men make good allies for them so Sarah Paulson isn't going to call Mr. Gooding on his inappropriate behavior.

Of note: Sarah Paulson is in a long term relationship with Cherry Jones, a 61 year old actress. Paulson must be looking for that mother figure.

Anonymous said...

"A recent example is Cuba Gooding Jr. lifting up Sarah Paulson's skirt onstage. She just laughed it off."

The negro male is recognized as a "beast" and acknowledged by everyone to be so.

The negro male is merely acting according to his true and basic nature. Nothing more can be expected of him.