Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dark in Light: TCM’s Sunday Morning Film Noir Series


Walker murdered State Highway Patrol Officer Loren Cornwell Roosevelt, 43, on June 5, 1946


“‘Machine Gun’ Walker, the Criminal Master-Mind and Cop-Killer Who was the Basis for the Movie, He Walked by Night: Was He ‘Too Crazy to Kill,’ or were California’s Law-Abiding Citizens and Politicians?”

Also Starring the Great Richard Basehart: Time Limit (1957) [Full Movie, Starring Richard Widmark and Richard Basehart, Directed by Karl Malden].”

By David in TN

Eddie Muller has a new gig as a TCM guest host. Each Sunday morning at 10 a.m. ET, Muller hosts a Film Noir. Tomorrow [today], Sunday April 30, it's He Walked by Night (1948), starring Richard Basehart.

This one is pretty good, based loosely on a true story, and is said to have given cast member Jack Webb the idea for the Dragnet TV series.

Erwin “Machine Gun” Walker


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I am a big Film Noir fan.

David In TN said...

This Sunday, May 7 at 10 am ET, TCM's Film Noir will be "Shield for Murder" !1954). Edmond O'Brien directs and stars as a corrupt police detective who seizes a chance to murder and rob a small time hood to get the 25 grand he was carrying for a mobster.

His aim was to use the money for a house in the suburbs to share with his girl. As in Noir, he goes in deeper and deeper.

It's not shown on TV often. I recommend it.

Nicholas said...


Was Eddie O'Brien the King of Noir, or what?!

We just watched The Killers a couple of weeks ago, which has to be on the short list for the greatest Film Noir of all, with a large, brilliant cast, in which no one shone brighter than O'Brien and Sam Levene. (Not to slight Ava Gardner or Albert Dekker.)