Friday, April 21, 2017

The Fresno-St. Louis Connection

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The Connection between the Black-on-White, Hate Crime Murder Sprees in Fresno and St. Louis [Comments]
By Countenance Blogmeister

Fresno was also an ambush of utility company workers.

Could the problacktards have an effort afoot to ambush and murder white “soft” targets?

“Allahu Akbar!” Racist, Black Muslim, Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, Commits Mass Murder in Fresno: He Said He “Hates White People”; All the Vics are White Men”;

guard “The Fresno Mass Murder was Yet Another Nation of Islam Atrocity”;

“Cops, Fox News, are Already Lying about Racist, Nation of Islam Mass Murderer Kori Ali Muhammad”;

“Fresno: More (Censored) Reporting on Nation of Islam Mass Murderer Kori Ali Muhammad from McPaper”;

“Kori Ali Muhammad = Cory Taylor, et al.; Nation of Islam Spree Killer of Four White Men was a Convicted Felon Who Had Played the Crazy Card, Had ‘some bizarre beliefs,’ but They were Perfectly ‘Normal’ for Blacks”; and

“Racist Hate Crime Murders in St. Louis: Black Gunman Walks up to Two White Utility Workers and Executes Them Without a Word, Before Shooting Himself to Death.”

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Anonymous said...

BLACK THUG ARRESTED for murder of 54 Year old white man in Grand Rapids.
I posted earlier in the week about two people found dead in one day.Police arrested a black thug in the shooting death of white vic Barry Cooper.It took place in one of the many hellish parts of town.Finally,after many unsolved criminal deaths,police have notched a successful arrest.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids police say they’ve made an arrest in the murder of a Grand Rapids man whose body was found on the city’s southwest side.

Officers Friday identified the victim as 54-year-old Barry Roger Cooper. Police found him in the 600 block of Letellier Street SW Wednesday afternoon. He was not breathing and had blood on his face, according to officers.

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GRPD: Man found dead on SW side was shot
Police investigating death of man in Grand Rapids
The Kent County Medical Examiner later determined Cooper died from a gunshot wound.

It’s unclear if Cooper knew his alleged killer.

Derin Michael Roy was arrested Thursday on one charge of felony homicide in connection to the shooting death of Cooper, according to Kent County jail records. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Saturday.
GRA:More of the same black on white violence that is exploding in Grand Rapids and around the country.
--GR Anonymous