Sunday, April 16, 2017

More on Cleveland Facebook Serial Killer Steve Stephens: He’s a Moslem, and a Respectable Working Man (Social Worker)



By Nicholas Stix

At The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse.


Postscript, 8:06 p.m.: Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Steve Stephens' most recent victim, a 78-year-old black man, but will post one, as soon as I get one.


Chicago guy said...

33 shot in 28 hours in Chicago this Easter weekend. It just never ends.

Anonymous said...

Why would they quit doing what they enjoy?Sociopaths all,as is the Stephens psycho.
The mindset at this point is total sociopathic behavior--no concerns for any repercussions or consequences of his actions.
He has no worries about being taken alive or dead.
I'm just surprised the networks haven't photo shopped him into a white man.Give them time.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

They showed an edited version of the murder on my local ABC channel,WZZM.A frail old guy was the victim.Someone on an ABC outlet must have the video.

Anonymous said...

The killing of the elderly is an indication of the predator animal mentality. Attack only those least able to defend themselves. Seek them out in deliberate manner whether the perpetrator realizes it or not.

Anonymous said...
I'm not kidding--they have him described as "dark white".
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Facebook, the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Anonymous said...

My jaw just dropped,as I saw on NNN,a report where they interviewed a fairly young black woman with 2 black kids under 10 years old--and she said,"HE(Stephens)KILLED THE FATHER OF MY CHILLEN."
This 74 year murdered black man,who could barely walk,and looked older than Morgan Freeman,was the father of these two kids!!!
Believe it or not!!!
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
To GR Anonymous: We can put this one in the same file as the "black" white supremacist Chris Harper, the Umpqua college negro mass shooter the media pretended was white and Phillip Chism, the negro who raped and murdered his teacher but was categorized as a "caucasian". They're desperate to rationalize the relentless news reports of negro serial and mass killers so they simply start calling them white. Sad thing is, it's working, the general public continues to believe that serial and mass killin' is a white man's psychosis.