Friday, April 21, 2017

Racism, Policing, and Anarcho-Tyranny

[Re: “Blacks Routinely Sucker Punch Even Really Big White Guys, and Seek to Lynch Them and Their Families.”]

By Thomas O. Meehan
Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 4:16:00 P.M. EDT

And this is where anarcho-tryranny comes in. You can no longer rely on working-class white cops to enforce either the law or common sense. When Africans attack they sense that they have the state as, if not an accomplice, at least a partial referee. No one wants to make a situation "Racial," especially when it is racial. Cops learn what not to do if they want to get promoted, especially in an urban environment.

Washington is the worst offender in my experience. It employs an incompetent, Africanized police force that resents white citizens.

Whites will have to resort to self-protective measures for the foreseeable future under a hostile state. My fear is that this will end in white terrorism, which will be used as justification for yet more repression of our rights and interests.

N.S.: Everything whites do or don’t do is used by the racial-socialist state as a pretext for yet more repression of our rights and interests. And if, necessary, that state and the media will invent white misdeeds and atrocities out of whole cloth.


Thomas O. Meehan said...

Thanks for this. Always good to see one's thoughts given some play. Love your blog and your on the ground perspective.

Nicholas said...

Thank you, sir!