Sunday, April 23, 2017

Witness to Fresno Nation of Islam Mass Murder Thought She Would be Shot, too

By Reader-Researcher RC

At first, Edna Lopez thought the two loud bangs were car backfires. She looked around, then spotted a black man with a white hat, a black jacket – and a gun. Lopez told her daughter, Serina Carrillo, to get back in their car. There’s been a shooting, she

Fresno woman saw shooting spree suspect and thought she would be shot: ‘He looked angry’

Edna Lopez thought she, her daughter and grandson were going to get shot when the man with a gun approached their car near downtown Fresno Tuesday, April 18, 2017, as they were trying to flee. They were the lucky ones, among the few few [sic] ...

N.S.: This is ridiculous. Edna Lopez is a Hispanic woman. NOI mass murderer Kori Ali Muhammad was only targeting non-Hispanic white men. This is a Fresno Bee diversion tactic.

After the shooting was over, a news media picture showed a group of five bystanders watching the crime scene. Every one of them was a Hispanic. Thus, Muhammad showed great “care” in his murders and attempted murders.

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Anonymous said...

Correct. The man if she was a dark skinned mestizo was not in danger. He was not after her.

She might have reasonably thought she was in danger but she was not.