Monday, June 06, 2016

Los Angeles Jury Sentences Black “Grim Sleeper” Serial Killer, Lonnie Franklin Jr., Suspected of 41 Murders, to Death—but Justice Will Never be Meted Out to Him


The Grim Sleeper

A 2010 arraignment picture of “Grim Sleeper” defendant Lonnie Franklin Jr., then 57. Franklin was convicted today for the murders of 10 black women, but is suspected in as many as 31 other murders. “Suspected killer Lonnie Franklin Jr., dubbed the Grim Sleeper for a 13-year break between his string of 10 [N.S.: alleged?] murders, is pictured during his arraignment in Los Angeles in 2010. (Al Seib/AFP/Getty)”

By Nicholas Stix

He’ll die in prison.

I thank both my partner-in-crime and friend David in TN and reader-researcher RC for this article.

The South Los Angeles man was convicted of killing:

  • Debra Jackson, 29, found dead from three gunshot wounds to the chest in an alley on Aug. 10, 1985
  • Henrietta Wright, 34, shot twice in the chest and found in an alley with a cloth gag stuffed in her mouth on Aug. 12, 1986
  • Barbara Ware, 23, shot once in the chest and found under a pile of debris and garbage in an alley on Jan. 10, 1987
  • Bernita Sparks, 26, shot once in the chest and found in a trash bin with her shirt and pants unbuttoned on April 16, 1987
  • Mary Lowe, 26, shot in the chest and found in an alley with her pants unzipped behind a large shrub on Nov. 1, 1987
  • Lachrica Jefferson, 22, shot twice in the chest and found with a napkin over her face with the handwritten word “AIDS” on it – in an alley on Jan. 30, 1988
  • Alicia Alexander, 18, shot once in the chest and found naked under a blue foam mattress in an alley on Sept. 11, 1988
  • Princess Berthomieux, 15, strangled and discovered naked and hidden in shrubbery in an Inglewood alley on March 9, 2002
  • Valerie McCorvey, 35, strangled and found dead with her clothes pulled down at the entrance to a locked alley on July 11, 2003
  • Janecia Peters, 25, shot in the back and found naked inside a sealed plastic garbage bag in a trash bin in an alley on Jan. 1, 2007
  • But Franklin is suspected of murdering many more girls and women. At the Los Angeles Times.


Anonymous said...

Also a story that Jerry might know more about--concerning a 1 year old white boy abused by a black(male) babysitter in Oregon.It made news all the way over here in Michigan.I haven't looked on the net for more info (I will now),but the problem is obvious.What white woman would let her boy be looked after by a black?
One with an IQ under 75,I'd guess?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

GR Anonymous
Do you have a name for the perp? Interestingly, I can't recall this, however crimes like this by our diverse friends can sometimes be relatively ignored locally but pop up in distant news reports. The media can be odd that way. jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

Ore. -- A babysitter has been arrested for assaulting a 1-year-old Sherwood boy after the child's parents shared photos of his injuries online.

Markell Deon Hilaire, 27, of Tacoma, was arrested Friday in connection with the abuse, according to the Washington County District Attorney's Office. He was charged with criminal mistreatment and assault.

In an extensive Facebook post last month, Joshua Marbury shared pictures of his son, Jacob, that showed bruises on the child's face.
--GR Anonymous (can't post the pics though)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I found the story. Interesting, I hadn't caught this story, one reason is that it didn't get a single mention in the Oregonian, I found brief mentions on 2 of our local TV stations but nowhere else, would have been easy to miss. Usually a child abuse case that ends in death gets massive attention but this one got downplayed. No doubt because of the discomfort the media has showing black men killing children, doesn't fit with the false narrative of whites being the only child abusers. Jerry pdx