Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fox News’ Bret Baier: Orlando Pulse Slaughter “It's the Worst Mass Murder in U.S. History”; the Only Problem is, He’s Wrong; the Worst was Committed by a "Refugee"



By Nicholas Stix

How soon we forget. The worst mass murder I know of in American history, not counting the Moslem kind, was the Happy Land Fire, on March 25, 1990.

The New York Daily News recalled, less than three months ago,

“26 years ago, Cuban refugee Julio Gonzalez killed 87 people when he set ablaze Bronx dance club Happy Land in a deliberate jealous rage after an argument with his ex-girlfriend on March 25, 1990. What was then the biggest mass murder in U.S. history, look back at the tragic fire on its 26th anniversary ...”


Anonymous said...

The worst was the mass murder of 3,000 people by Muslims at the World trade Center and the Pentagon Building.

Anonymous said...

Exactly...and it will happen again.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
In 1987 David Burke, a black airline employee, shot the crew in an airliner causing the deaths of 42 people, it would be the greatest mass murder in the US until Julio Gonzalez in 1990. Interesting to note that the 4 most prolific mass killings in the US are by non whites, yet the names of Burke and Gonzalez are anonymous to the US public and I doubt many could name any of the individuals arrested in the Trade Center bombing. I wonder how long the typical American will remember the name of Omar Mateen? Just being rhetorical there folks, I know it won't be very long, I'm sure in a few years he will be utterly forgotten while the media continues to keep certain whites shooters on heavy media rotation, ensuring we never forget their names, faces and most importantly THEIR RACE (WHITE)!