Saturday, April 02, 2016

Racist Purge of Ferguson Police Department begins with Appointment of Black Chief

By Nicholas Stix

At Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

The overwhelmingly white and liberal town of Fairhope, AL appointed a black police chief a few years back. This is done in many cities to allow a crackdown on black crime while innoculating the city against claims of racism.

Anonymous said...

When people decide what's more important--"claims of racism" or "cracking down on blsck crime"--the country can find its way to better days.Last night on "60 Minutes",another liberal piece on German prisons,showing how progressive they are compared to US prisons.They put killers,rapists and drug dealers in dorm rooms and try to have them live "normal" lives.It looked like a paid vacation.German prisoners are released early and shown very little punishment for their crimes.Connecticuts governor was given a tour of it all and "was impressed".
All this was sickening but the one thing about the possibillity of Germany being able to pull off a prison system like this was---no blacks or mexicans in the system.You had calm,reasonable whites in German prisons acting semi-civilized.They looked like they could be trusted to not kill you--if you were a guard.Blacks don t act that way OUT of prisons.A huge difference in why this would never work in the US.It really is a jungle where blacks are involved.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

And Germany's is regarded as one of the more hard-core prison systems in Western Europe.

Anonymous said...

A couple years ago there was a story in the Norwegian media about a Somali who was facing the end of his prison sentence and deoportation to Somali. He asked authorities if he could remain in prison because, quote, "Life in prison here is better than living as a free man in Somalia." I'm not making this up. I believe they kicked his ass out anyway.