Friday, April 08, 2016

Short-Term, Permanent Job Losses Through Automation: 1.4 Million (No, Not Nationwide--in Tennessee Alone!)

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Domo arigato [thank you] Mr. Roboto.

Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
Yet another white girl murdered by a black man. This one hits extra hard because I'm from Portland. When I first saw the headlines I had a vague suspicion but when I heard it was a particularly brutal killing I was pretty sure the perp would be black. I was right.
Her name was Haruka Weiser and she was 18. She was also beautiful with white skin, a combination that often sends black men into a homicidal frenzy. Judging from her name I suspect she may have had some asian ancestry but if you look at her picture she looks basically white, any asian feature are very vague. I doubt her murderer, "Meechaeil Criner" (what the hell kind of a name is that?) thought of her as anything other than a white girl to rape and murder.
MSN is being coy about his race, they just showed a picture of his back as he was walking away. I'm sending a link to a full frontal picture so you can see him in all his Afro glory.
I really feel for her family, not only do they lose her daughter to a racist, murderous sex deviant, now they have to endure the uncomfortable avoidence of the issue of race and how black men particularly target white women for sexual violence.
As usual the comments are the only place there is any substance, an occasional person mentions the perp is black and may have had a racist agenda and white liberals and black racists jump on their sanctimonious soapboxes and start screaming racism, quickly forgetting a young girl has been brutally murdered.

Anonymous said...

The victim was half Japanese.

I used to live in Austin. The only reason that there are some many "homeless" is because Austin, like Portland, is a majority white city with tons of Progressive (sic) elected officials who allow the "homeless" (cough, cough - mentally ill) run amok. - A Texas Reader