Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Does Obamacare Cover This Urgent Healthcare Need? If Not, Why?

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Jerry pdx
I've pointed out before that nearly every time you hear of an adult falsifying their age in order to go back to high school it is a negro, usually male. It's happened again with a bit of a twist, this guy is an immigrant and he wasn't just a few years out of high school - He was 29 or 30 years old, depending on what report you read. He was playing high school basketball in Canada and was so good (or so much better than the kids he was playing with) his coach thought he had pro potential.
He's claiming he didn't know how old he was because where he was from (S. Somalia), they didn't keep track of age. He was a junior in high school when they caught him so he was actually 12 years older than he was supposed to be.
Where do we even begin with something so ridiculous, 2 or 3 years might be believable but over a decade? Are these people from 3rd world countries that stupid? Well, that makes it almost believable but they have to declare their age when they come into the country and even pretty stupid and uneducated people don't misplace a whole decade of life.
Check out the comments, there are actually some that actually believe he didn't realize how old he was (derisive snort), most are more realistic and some are pretty hilarious.
I wonder if he was having sex with a high school girl and if he'll be charged with statutory rape. Somehow, judging from the tenor of the articles I've read, usually making the excuse of how he escaped from the hell of a war torn country, I think he's going to be treated with kid gloves, whereas is you were a white person caught doing the same thing you'd get the book thrown at you.