Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beyonce Knowles: Diva of Racism and Violence





Anonymous said...

...and as I mentioned on another story on here (the black mass murderer ),Lester Holt,who doesn t even pretend to want to present news stories to a white audience anymore,hyped the new Beyonce album ON THE NEGRO NIGHTLY NEWS!!!Could you see Brokaw or Chancellor and especially David Brinkley giving the white hating Beyonce any time on a newscast?Cronkite?Harry Reasoner?
Cronkite:Well instead of covering REAL news tonight,we're going to Dan Rather,who has a fascinating story on Beyonce releasing a new album,which among some of her inspiring songs,has one that outs her husband for cheating on her.Dan?"
Dan:"Walter if you like whitebashing like I do,you'll love the new album.Beyonce it turns out,was cheated on by Jay-Z.Can you imagine that?"
Walter:"Why this story is right up there with the Vietnam War and the Kennedy assassination.Great reporting Dan."
Never would happen.They would have quit before airing this crap..

NbC has tilted the teetertotter so far in favor of black news(and nothing negative btw)that it is outright laughable.Brian Williams wasn t my favorite either,but Holt has ruined a once esteemed news program and made it unwatchable--and racist..
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

She was cheated on by a non-entity who almost has the same name as a celebrity so that is news these says.