Saturday, April 30, 2016

Another Black-on-White Murder in Grand Rapids, Michigan

By Reader-Researcher Grand Rapids Anonymous (7:14 p.m.)

From Grand Rapids, a town where it seems black crime never sleeps, a particularly disturbing one occurred this morning, when witnesses at the downtown-based Grand Rapids Community College saw a black male dragging the body of a white woman between the buildings of the school. People walking at that hour saw the horrible sight, and called police. This was not too far from the police station, but when police arrived, they only found the white woman’s body and not the probable killer. Fifteen hours later, the woman has not been publicly identified, except to say she was a white [!] woman between the ages of 30 and 40. Police are calling it a murder, and are looking for who did it, but lately police have stopped giving much information on crimes involving blacks.

Two days ago, a 27-year-old black shot his fat black girlfriend in the neck, went to a business he used to work at, rounded up the employees, sexually assaulted one woman, and stole a car. He wound up on my side of town, but police never gave a name to the suspect—though the TV station did—by talking to relatives.

This used to be a good town. Not anymore.

Update, at 7:28 p.m.
Let me clarify. I heard this woman was white on a TV station. Have not seen that in print. Will keep you posted.

Reader-Researcher Jerry PDX to GR Anonymous (11:08 p.m.):

Your local "news"paper must have the same policy ours does, mention of race is not permitted for either victims or suspects, unless the perp is white, then it's OK to loudly announce "white." Only time it's supposed to be OK to mention race is if a suspect represents an immediate danger to the public, only problem is that the only criminals that ever seem to be deemed that dangerous are always white – never black. Local TV stations will sometimes mention the race of a suspect and sometimes not, depending on how politically correct they’re feeling, I guess.

From the Grand Rapids file:

“To be White in Grand Rapids, MI: From All-American City to Diversitopia (Updated and Expanded!)”;

“Drowning is in Our Future”;

“Racism in Grand Rapids! Police Enforce Racist City Ordinances Against Noise and Having an Open Fire, and then Enforce Racist State Laws Forbidding Refusing to Follow Police Orders and Rioting! (Colin Flaherty Video)”;

“More Racism in Grand Rapids, Michigan: White Woman Murdered; Suspect is a Black Male (Cops Cover Up Suspect’s Name, but WEJB/NSU Reader Names Him!)”;

“Breaking News: Grand Rapids Murder Suspect Jermaine Cooper in Custody in Detroit, After Four Weeks on the Lam; He Didn’t Go Easy.”

Grand Rapids Anonymous wrote some other excellent essays as comments, but that was before he identified where he lived, and I was thus unable to locate them. When I do, I’ll add them to the Grand Rapids file.


David In TN said...

I seem to recall that upon succeeding to the Presidency in 1974, Gerald Ford supposedly told reporters, "Forget the voting record, it's Grand Rapids."

Ford was saying "I represented a conservative district so I had to vote that way. I'm actually more liberal than that." Ford meant to reassure media types.

I remember reading this in Richard Reeves 1975 (I think) book, "A Ford not a Lincoln," a book that savaged Gerald Ford. Reeves also wrote that Grand Rapids had been getting more liberal during Ford's tenure in Congress. They had elected a black mayor.

Anonymous said...

A little more info...police say they've arrested someone at a Mel Trotter Mission in connection to the murder of a woman this morning.A gun was recovered,though no cause of death has been released.The mission is not far away from the crime scene in downtown GR.More tomorrow(Sunday)morning.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

That Grand Rapids is long gone.There are large areas of ghetto now,What used to be homeowned areas is now section 8.Where there used to be banks and businesses is now boarded up buildings.Where there used to be safe streets and friendly neighborhoods,now has prostitution and blacks congregating for illegal transactions.My area is like a small oasis,but the black wave is closing in.Block by block,year by year.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

No update yet.Police not saying much except,"We will give more info on the arrested person after checking with the prosecutors office".That's it.
---GR Anonymous