Friday, December 04, 2015

Breaking News: Grand Rapids Murder Suspect Jermaine Cooper in Custody in Detroit, After Four Weeks on the Lam; He Didn’t Go Easy

Murder Suspect Jermaine Cooper with murder victim Melissa Moore

By Grand Rapids Reader

Cooper was arrested in Detroit after a five-hour standoff with police. After five hours of waiting, police threw teargas into a home on Detroit’s West Side.

Great police work. Cooper was wanted in the Grand Rapids murder of white woman Melissa Moore. Cooper is reportedly the father of at least one of Moore’s two children. He already has 21 previous criminal convictions, and four cases in the process of being disappeared.


Anonymous said...

More info on Detroit Free Press website.So glad he left GR.I knew he wouldn t go quietly.Amazed police caught him in Detroit.Like trying to find a needle in a haystack...

Anonymous said...

At least his family loved him....They were yelling it while the police were holding him at siege. Unfortunately he didn't love his own family enough to not murder the mother of his child. Doesn't bother his family though, she was just a white bitch after all I'm sure. I had a hard time finding a lamestream media articles with any details about the murder, that he had a standoff with police was the story and the murder a side note. They can't have too many featured stories about black men murdering white women, the front pages would be too crowded. Jerry pdx

Anonymous said... has a history of articles.I think his black family doesn t give a damn he killed a white girl.Figures its her own fault.Suicide as it were,by associating with a nig.

Anonymous said...

The predator beast returned to his lair. A place he wold feel more secure and safe. The land of his people. Dee-troit.

Warlord said...

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