Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ann Coulter’s Stand-Up Act Tonight is Killing—too Bad for John Kasich, and the Late Ted Cruz



Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Ann Coulter: Cruz and Kasich–the Slow-Talker and the Homeless Guy
By Ann Coulter
April 27, 2016, 6:11 p.m.

Listening to Cruz always makes me feel like I have Asperger’s. He speaks so slowly, my mind wanders between words. As Trump said, there’s a 10-second intermission between sentences. I want to order Cruz’s speeches as Amazon Audibles, just so I can speed them up and see what he’s saying....

Now that Cruz has been mathematically eliminated, he’s adding Carly Fiorina to the ticket. She’s not his “running mate,” but his “limping mate.” It’s an all-around lemon-eating contest.

Voters quickly moved on from Cruz and tried Kasich. But he turned out to be the spitting image of a homeless man. He’s got the slouch, the facial tics, and a strange way of bouncing his head and looking around that makes you want to cross the street to avoid him. It looks like he cuts his own hair, and his suits are Ralph Nader cast-offs. He wolfs down food like a street person, has a hair-trigger temper, and rants about religion in a way that only he can understand….

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree about Kasich.Something wrong with him.As for Fiorina---by hooking up with Cruz--she obviously doesn t REALLY want to be VP,does my joke)
--GR Anonymous