Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Two Moms Tell House Immigration Committee About Children Killed by Illegal Aliens

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Prince's death is now being linked to a drug overdose.Why is no one talking about it?The constant use of opiates in our country is appalling and the failure to stop the drug from entering the US even more so.Will Obama--in his praise for Prince,also talk about the waste of life from using drugs?I haven t seen ANY of the celebrities bring this up.The problem in the black celeb community is they won t get to the heart of the matter.Aretha Franklin is even blaming the Zika virus lol.Somebody be honest about Prince's addiction and tell people the truth.That s one of the main reasons I want a wall built--to stop drug importation.The US is becoming "less great" for many reasons.Drugs is one of them.Many people get exposed to heroin and start on the road to perdition and death.You cannot get off the trail once started.This is as much a threat to our national security as excessive immigration or a terrorist attack.Do people have the right to kill themselves with drugs?That question would not need to be asked if the drugs could be kept from the many individuals it kills.This is why a "prevention is the best medicine" type of plan is needed to stop it.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

They re saying its a percocit overdose.Similar to Michael Jackson's demise.Prescription drugs are also a road to ruin.
--GR Anon

Anonymous said...

It's incomprehensible sometimes when you see young, beautiful and rich people so traumatized by the horror of their success they must numb themselves with drugs. I can't help blame, to a degree, this PC nonsense of fabricating "emotional" depression, young people are encouraged to wallow in self pity and non appreciation of what they have instead of not realizing they have a pretty damn good life. jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

O Reilly is talking about Prince and the drug culture.He s giving a great speech about how Democrats and politicians are not taking care of the border(just as I stated above).Who is doing this?Well,let's see...the Mexicans are bringing it in and blacks are selling it.Blacks moving into deteriorating white neighborhoods spread the garbage around getting white women hooked until they die one way (overdose)or another (murder).The government is so hyper about enforcing laws concerning car safety,water safety(Flint),pollution laws etc.Yet,24,000 people died from opiate overdose in 2014.These types of fatalities would be enough to cause a massive upheaval and investigation by the Congress about the failures of whatever industry is causing it.Not for drugs,because the same people who cause the problem-by ignoring it,will not investigate it:THE GOVERNMENT!!!They will not stop the flood of the drugs that will kill another 30,000 next year.Not only that,but the Democrats deem drug crimes as racist.On that basis alone,I will never vote Democrat again.