Tuesday, April 12, 2016

“Muslims Rule the World!”: In Canada, “Refugee” Kids Wage Jihad on Their White Christian Classmates; School Covers Up Attacks, While Newspaper Reports, and Then “Disappears” Story

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Even in a place like Halifax Nova Scotia. The Canadians are such nice people to have this done to them.

Anonymous said...

The school should be put out of business for covering up such an incident.I m really tired of all the secrecy,starting at the government level and on down to local levels.By hiding problems,you are complicit in them...and not solving them.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of villifying the white man to a new level,I have to relate what I read on page 6B of the Wednesday USA Today.
Headline:"New Tool Aims To Fight in Your Face Racism,Sexism".
Quotes:"Virtual Reality can bring us to the top of Mount researchers think it can conquer racial and sexual discrimination."
Check this as their lead example of racism:
"The demos are no game.One finds a Caucasian user represented by an African American avatar being harassed BY A WHITE AVATAR".Picture shown of white man being "threatening" to a black woman.This is their big selling point.White men intimidating black women.
This piece of slander is being sold to the NFL for racial diversity training.Maybe by summer camp,they ll invent some avatars showing blacks robbing your house,killing your white daughter and setting her on fire.Or as the NFL is famous for with its huge percentage of black players-just simple domestic abuse of their wives/girlfriends.
--GR Anonymous