Sunday, November 08, 2015

Racism in Grand Rapids! Police Enforce Racist City Ordinances Against Noise and Having an Open Fire, and then Enforce Racist State Laws Forbidding Refusing to Follow Police Orders and Rioting! (Colin Flaherty Video)

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Riot in Grand Rapids: Nine black people arrested. Police BRUTALITY!!


Published on October 10, 2015, by Colin Flaherty.

Riot in Grand Rapids: Nine black people arrested. Police BRUTALITY!!

So what do you call it when a large group of people defy and attack police. riot!

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Anonymous said...

I remember that incident.A black block party in the original ghetto area of GR was too loud, according to reports.Police were called by neighbors and all hell broke loose as the partygoers would not turn down the rap crap.Quite a scene and normal now for this once decent town.The ghetto is spreading quickly, as N.S. stated.Three blocks away from my house, two years ago I believe, there was a gang shootout in the middle of the day, in the middle of the road.My eyes have been wide open since then--and I ve heard other gunshots and know of an increase in crime in the area.Extra deadbolts purchased, in what used to be a safe area that I grew up in (with no blacks, Mexicans or CRIME at that time).Now there's all three.As Archie Bunker once said,"the coons are coming"...and they are thanks to bad city government and easy welfare.Avoid Grand Rapids at all costs.