Saturday, November 14, 2015

Enoch Powell on Islam’s Paris Massacres


Tragic British hero Enoch Powell, circa 1968

By Nicholas Stix



Casualties in Paris


Anonymous said...

Riots in Ferguson,terror attacks in Paris (and Europe in general)have one thing in common--appeasement.What liberals may want to put forth as humanity and charitable acts of tolerance for those less fortunate are being redefined as utterly stupid decision making.This now is compounded by resignations of college presidents for NON HARMFUL ISSUES.There are less than 5 complaints about racism on the Missouri campus.I would wager a few dollars that it goes both ways.There were no assaults,rapes,murders by white students of black students,yet administrative people were forced out.What is the lesson?What does the university gain from this?Nothing except a new black interim president.Wonderful.Why shouldn t white students protest THAT act of discrimination?THAT is what should be organized next.
A second point is the total scam of condemnation by some Muslim reps after events like Paris occur."Muslim leaders condemn Muslim attacks".What a great way to wash your hands of what s happening and avoid repercussions.They can t have it both ways in my opinion.It s a method of trying to delay a decision by countries full of Muslims like France that would result in mass deportations.Terror attacks aside,the crime being reported from the Muslim invasion us enough reason to start such action.
Why subhuman behavior from blacks and Muslim refugees is being tolerated and swept under the rug is beyond puzzling.As Trump said,"Bomb the sh*t out of them".

Anonymous said...

The Last Time I Saw Paris could be when it is in smoking ruins. Islamist hate art and destroy it where ever they find it. Mona Lisa on top of a raging fire, maybe. That is becoming not so far fetched.