Monday, November 16, 2015

Journolist, German-Style? Journalists are Forbidden from Using Clear Language, in Describing Moslem Invasion

By Nicholas Stix

Elisabeth Niejaher, a reporter at the German weekly, Die Zeit (Time), which I subscribed to for years during my West German exile (1980-1985), tweets that the Bundespressekonferenz (Federal Press Conference), the mainstream, pc German press organization, is demanding that reporters us euphemisms.

Elisabeth Niejahr ‏@ENiejahr 16h16 hours ago

Das Glossar liegt vor BPK aus. Wir sollen nicht Asylantenflut oder -schwemme schreiben. Und "Lawine"? Mal BMF fragen

The glossary is out at the FPC. We may not write, “asylee flood” or “overflow.” What about “avalanche”? Maybe we ought to ask the Federal Finance Ministry.

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