Friday, November 20, 2015

Are the Moslems Seeking to Invade Poland the New Jews, or the New Nazis?


Crazy Poles refuse to be invaded by Moslems—remember who else invaded Poland?

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

“I note that National Liberal Media like the Washington Post is doubling down on the spin that the Parisian mass murdering terrorists were mostly Belgians and French, not Syrian Muslim migrants, so we in the US should welcome unrestricted Syrian Muslim migration and maybe restrict, harass (white) Belgians and French.

“Here in Chicago the local liberal media is doubling down in a different way: those wanting to suspend or restrict Syrian Muslim migration are the same as those evil WASPs who condemned Jewish children to the Nazi holocaust…”

Read the whole thing at VDARE.


Anonymous said...

So true, modern Poland was first invaded by Jews, then by Germans, then it was occupied by Russia, and now Jews want Poland to pay them up to 60 millions Euro as a recompense for Holocaust! Poland, not Germany! Poland, who was attacked by Germans, the biggest victim of WWII.
Poland during World War II suffered the greatest losses biological (per thousand inhabitants lost 220 people) and material (damage to property per capita, which totaled $ 626 compared with 601 dollars in Yugoslavia). According to materials presented at the International Conference on Reparations in Paris in 1946, damage to property in Poland amounted to 16.9 billion dollars, Yugoslavia - 9.1 billion dollars. 2/5 Polish cultural property were completely destroyed. Under pressure from superpowers Poland also had to withdraw Soviet Union 48% of its territory, losing in the East about 178 000 km². Most of the resulting loss was due to the German occupation, for the second part of the losses was responsible Soviet Union.
The total value of the losses set at EUR 258 ​​billion PLN of prewar, which was the equivalent of approx. US $ 50 billion (in 1939). These losses translated to a value of 2004 amounts to approx. 650-700 billion US dollars. At the same war losses of the Polish capital, Warsaw, amounts to the equivalent of $ 45 billion.

Yet it's Poland that have to pay a pension to 50 000 Jews. How anyone can even expect Poland to accept from 10 000 up to even 120 000 of Syrians!

Anonymous said...

The Syrian women want some