Monday, November 16, 2015

What is America to Me? “The House I Live in”: Peter Brimelow Debates Frank Sinatra


Peter Brimelow addressing the John Randolph Club in Cleveland

A friend of Pat and mine, Bill Rusher, wrote a book in the mid-1970s arguing that the Republican Party was hopeless and it should be replaced by a Third Party. (It’s still not clear to me that he wasn’t right!) I came down from Canada, where I then worked for the old Financial Post, to interview him.

It’s impossible to exaggerate the depression that lay over the American Conservative Movement in middle 70s, after the fall of Vietnam, the disaster of the Nixon presidency, and the defeat of Gerald Ford. After we had spoken for a while, Rusher realized I was a friendly and we went off the record.

He said to me: “You know, confidentially, all is lost and the Red Flag will one day fly over the world.” In those days, people took the Soviet Union very, very seriously. The kids today don’t realize this. Nobody under 40 has any idea how serious the Cold War was, and how seriously we took it.

Rusher went on: “But we keep on going—because, for one thing, you never know what is going to happen next; and for another thing, there are theological injunctions against despair!”…

Read the whole thing, at VDARE… but only after hearing Frank out!


Published on May 24, 2012 by All Classic Video.

The House I Live In was a 1945 short film written by [Communist] Albert Maltz and made by producer Frank Ross and actor Frank Sinatra to oppose anti-Semitism and prejudice [garbage] at the end of World War II. It received a special Academy Award in 1946.


Anonymous said...

Rob Lowe tweets this after the Paris attacks: Oh, NOW France closes it's borders....
He's now being excoriated by the left. How long before he buckles, like Matt Damon and Nick Jonas, and issues a contrite apology. I give him 24 hrs. though maybe he'll grow a pair and stick to his guns, then again pigs just might sprout wings...Jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

If there was so much prejudice and discrimination against Jews in America, they would not be as successful as they are. Even in that era prior to and immediately after WW2.

Anonymous said...

The French have already closed their borders. Immediately after the attacks.