Sunday, November 29, 2015

“Domestic Terrorism” in New Orleans: Black Man Shoots 17 on Playground, Where Hundreds were Present


NOPD mug shot of Joseph Allen, 32. “Joseph Allen, 32, is accused of firing into a crowd of several hundred people at Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans.”

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Suspect Arrested in New Orleans Playground Shooting That Wounded 17
By Tim Stelloh
Nov 29 2015, 3:40 p.m. ET
NBC News

16 People Injured in New Orleans Playground Shootings 0:32

[Warning: If you hit the link to this article, you’ll get a video. Said video will waste app. 90 seconds of your time. Once you get it going, you will get a very loud, 30-second commercial. Then you will get nothing. If you jigger with the video, you will eventually get someone’s 32-second cellphone video of people and vehicles standing around at the crime scene, with no news. Then nothing. The “video” was nothing but a con job by NBC News to get you to watch their lousy commercial. The only “positive” is that unlike other media organizations, NBC News did not rig this particular page to repeatedly re-play the same commercial, without ever playing the news video, and then to change the page altogether to their main page, in order to gull you into hitting the back button, so you can be forced into watching the stupid commercial a few more times, without ever getting the news report. On the rare occasion that you do get the news report, it typically proves to match, word for word, the written report on the Web page. Several outlets now do this, but the only name that comes to mind, offhand, is the worst offender, Gannett’s USAToday.]

A suspect was arrested Saturday in connection with a New Orleans playground shootout last week that left 17 people injured, including 11 teenagers and children, police said.

The man, Joseph Allen, 32, turned himself in after police released a photo and announced that he would be charged with 17 counts of first-degree attempted murder, NBC affiliate WDSU reported.

Allen is accused of firing into a crowd of several hundred people who had gathered early on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 22, at Bunny Friend Park, in New Orleans' 9th Ward, for the filming of a music video.

A chaotic scene followed, with paramedics tending to the wounded at the park and rushing others to local hospitals. Witnesses recalled hearing too many gunshots to count.
During a news conference last week, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu described the shooting as "akin to domestic terrorism."

Police, who described the shooting as potentially gang-related and said that two "groups of individuals" opened fire on each other, are still seeking additional suspects.

On Twitter, the New Orleans Police Department said that after Allen's arrest, he declined to provide police with a statement. It was unclear Sunday if he had a lawyer.


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Ghetto wars.But will Lester put it on?

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Negro goes berserk. NO coverage of this anywhere. But of Laquan in Chicago, plenty of that.

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No coverage on Negro Nightly News I saw.Laquan should ve been home.That s step one of not getting shot.