Friday, November 20, 2015

Rolling Stone is Hit with Yet Another Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit for Publishing Jackie Coakley-Sabrina Rubin Erdely-UVA Rape Hoax

UVA’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity was vandalized by feminist and leftwing criminals exactly one year ago today

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UVA Fraternity Sues Rolling Stone Magazine for $25 Million
By Pete Williams
November 10, 2015
NBC News

The University of Virginia fraternity that was a subject of a sensational article in Rolling Stone about [sic; asserting] a brutal campus rape filed a defamation lawsuit Monday against the magazine and the article's writer for $25 million.

UVA rape hoaxer Jacqueline “Jackie” Coakley

"The reputation that Phi Kappa Psi and its alumni spend [sic] decades building was destroyed overnight," the lawsuit said. "The formerly respected fraternity is now known colloquially in the University of Virginia community as 'the rape frat.'"

Even after doubts about the story surfaced, the lawsuit said, the magazine and the reporter who wrote the story, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, reacted by "doubling down on its original article, standing by its story, engaging in deception and cover-up," and lying about sources for the article.

Coakley's fellow (serial) hoaxer, Sabrina Rubin Erdely

Published in November 2014, the article claimed that a UVA freshman identified as "Jackie" was given alcoholic punch, led to a dark bedroom at the fraternity, pushed into a glass table that shattered, then raped by seven fraternity members as she lay on glass shards.

After police in Charlottesville failed to find any evidence of the attack -- and following a scathing critique of the magazine by the Columbia School of Journalism -- the magazine formally retracted the story in April 2015 and issued a public apology.

When the story was published, the lawsuit said, outraged members of the community threw rocks and bottles at the fraternity house and vandalized cars outside. Many fraternity members "reasonably feared for their safety," and some moved to hotel rooms.

Rolling Stone, the lawsuit said, "set out in advance to find a sensational story of graphic and violent rape, searched for such a story at elite universities," and failed to do the normal fact checking after Erdely turned in her article.

"The story was simply too tempting, too sensational, to let facts get in the way."

One of Coakley and Erdely's many victims, UVa Dean Nicole Eramo, is also suing Rolling Stone

Through a spokeswoman, Rolling Stone declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The suit was filed in Virginia state court by a Charlottesville lawyer, Thomas Albro, and Rodney Smolla, a nationally recognized expert on defamation law and Dean of the Widener University Delaware Law School.

The magazine also faces lawsuits from a UVA official and three fraternity members and recent graduates.

69-year-old Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner: This is his hoax, as much as it is Coakley and Erdely’s, and he will pay for it. He has carried Erdely through one hoax after another. Wenner never wears a proper beard. Apparently, he secretly shaves once every three or four days, and then goes back into hiding, until he grows back that ugly stubble. He was normal until 1995, when he discovered, at the age of 49, that he had been a homosexual all his life.


DJF said...

I am still waiting for the thugs (faculty and students) who vandalized the fraternity building to be charge with those crimes. I am sure that there is plenty pictures and videos available to identify the criminals

Anonymous said...

Here's one we can put under the dumb criminal of the year section. If a reporter approaches you with a camera and microphone you don't brag about your bike theft prowess. Just common sense. Also, this is mostly white Portland OR and you know how blacks love to brag how they are the best at everything, apparently this guy is the "best" at the bike theft game around here, a crime most people would stereotype to be a "white things". Nice to know he represents. Of course it helps to be a homeless jobless loser, you've got nothing to do all day but look for bikes to steal. Jerry pdx

David In TN said...

Did you see ABC 20/20 tonight, October 14 ? It was on the UVA Rape Hoax. It seems the lawsuit by Dean Eramo is going to trial next week.

BTW, Jackie Coakley got the idea of White Guys gang raping a student from a Law and Order SVU episode.